Purple Accessories

Purple Accessories

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Purple Pillows and Cases.

Get that same flexible feeling in your pillow and case as you do with the purple mattress. Whether it's the Cloud pillow made with hypoallergenic gel fibers for comfort, or the Harmony pillow with the breathable, moisture-wicking cover, we have the pillow to help you get a great night's sleep!

Mattress Protector and Seat Cushions.

The Purple Mattress Protector does its job without preventing you from feeling the true comfort of your mattress. The seat cushions use the Purple GelFlex grid to reduce pressure and keep you super comfortable for as long as you need.


The Purple SoftStretch Sheets are cool, strecthy, provide the support of the GelFlex Grid, and so soft that the comfort will help you sleep as well as ever.

All of your Purple accessories in one place! Flexible pillows and pillowcases, seat cushions, and innovative sheets that stretch from Purple. Shop Mattress Warehouse for the best value!