Bedgear Hyper-Linen Sheet Set

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Classic linen gets a high-tech twist with our exclusive Bedgear Hyper-Linen Sheet Set. Featuring a light and airy fabric with a relaxed washed in feel. Stay cool and stylish under the covers with our favorite linen sheets.

  • Engineered for Comfort - Linen gets a High-Tech Twist - Engineered to create an ideal sleep environment that caters to your temperature preference, our Hyper-Linen technology reduces heat buildup and feels slightly cool for a better sleep.
  • Classic Feel - Lightweight and Airy - Love the look of linen, but not the feel? We’ve taken classic linen and made it even better. Featuring a relaxed, washed-in feel, our Hyper-Linen Sheets are so soft, lightweight, and airy.
  • Airflow - Sheets that Breathe - Featuring a special weave for enhanced airflow and breathability, our Hyper-Linen Sheets are Airflow Certified so you can rest deeper and be ready to face the day ahead.
  • Fit and Grip Technology - A Secure Fit That Won’t Slip - Never worry about slipping sheets again. Our fitted sheet is designed with a Powerband, an enhanced, fully banded elastic that grips onto your mattress for a secure fit. Plus, the included pillowcase(s) features a Luxe Powerband, ensuring a snug fit on your pillow.
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