Casper Hybrid Snow Pillow

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Wake up feeling refreshed with supportive comfort of the Casper Hybrid Snow Pillow, an advanced solution for nighttime overheating.


  • 12+ hours of cooler sleep The CoolTouch Cover pairs with Phase Change Material to offer an instantly refreshing feel, while HeatDelete™ Bands prevent overheating through the night. This pillow also uses AirScape® Technology to create a cool and breathable experience

  • Innovative design Hybrid construction combines the flexible comfort of fiber with the reliable support of our ultra-soft foam. It’s the best of both worlds

  • Stays supportive Foam layer prevents clumping or flattening over time, so your pillow stays supremely supportive night after night—no need to fluff it

  • Available in Standard (18" x 26") or King (18" x 34")
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