5 Questions to Ask Your Mattress Sales Associate

December 12, 2023 · Silverback Strategies

5 Questions to Ask Your Mattress Sales Associate

Mattresses are long-term investments. They should last you about 7-10 years. In your quest to get the best mattress for the best price, a mattress sales associate can be one of your best assets.

When mattress shopping in-store, take advantage of the salesperson there to help you. They’re there to answer any questions, provide recommendations, and ensure you walk away with your dream bed.

Why Shop for a Mattress In-Store

Shopping for a mattress in-store can provide a range of benefits that don’t translate to shopping online. You can test out mattresses for comfort and size before deciding whether to purchase them – and you can try more than one. 

Knowledgeable mattress salespeople are there to answer any questions and help you pick the best mattress for your needs. Many retailers offer free delivery and set-up services, making the process stress-free and hassle-free.

5 Questions to Ask Your Mattress Salesperson

Remember to ask these questions at your local mattress store. A good salesperson should be able to answer them to your satisfaction. 

1. What are your warranty and sales policies?

Understanding what happens after you swipe your credit card will ensure a smooth mattress-buying experience. Do your research on these topics, so you’ll be a conscientious consumer before you even walk in the door.

  • Warranty and return policy. If you find your mattress defective shortly after purchasing it, it’s important to know whether it can be returned or replaced. 
  • Comfort guarantee. How many nights do you have to try out your mattress for comfort? Are you allowed to exchange it if you’re not satisfied?
  • Price match guarantee. What will the store do if you find the same mattress for less with a competitor?
  • Delivery policies and costs. Do you have to spend a minimum amount to get free delivery? What does delivery include? Will they remove your old mattress?

2. Are you offering any sales right now?

We know you want the best price on your mattress, which is why we offer low prices and great sales every day. Ask your associate about any deals that might be coming up, which can save you even more money. Major holidays and long weekends are popular times for big mattress sales, so it might be worth waiting until then to buy your new mattress.

And ask if the store has a price match guarantee, like ours, which allows you to get your money back if you find your mattress at a competing store for less.

3. What sleep accessories best complement my mattress?

Mattress shopping is a great time to upgrade your sleep accessories, like pillows, sheets, and mattress toppers. Consider a mattress protector for your new purchase to help your mattress last longer. If you’re buying a mattress of a different size, you’ll definitely need to shop for new accessories. Your mattress sales associate can help you find all the accessories you need for your sleep preferences, like the best pillows for stomach sleepers.

4. How can I extend my mattress’s longevity?

A high-quality mattress should last you between 7-10 years, but if you want to keep it in pristine condition for even longer, ask how to maintain your mattress’ original state. We recommend using a mattress protector, at the very least, as well as regular cleaning.

Your mattress salesperson will be able to direct you towards protective accessories for your mattress or offer tips to keep it in its best shape for as long as possible so you get the most bang for your buck.

5. What mattress do you recommend for my specific sleep needs and preferences?

You’ll spend a third of your life on the mattress you buy, so make sure it’s the best one for your needs. Explain to your mattress sales associate what you did and did not like about your old mattress. Tell them what areas of your body could use extra support, whether you prefer a plush or firm surface, memory foam or innerspring, how much room you’ll need to stretch out, what position you sleep in, how many people will be sleeping on it, etc.

Your Mattress Warehouse Sleep Professional will be able to answer all your questions and direct you toward a selection of mattresses that suit your needs. They can also walk you through Mattress Warehouse’s bedMATCH® diagnostic system, which scientifically analyzes your answers to find the best mattress match for you. Your mattress salesperson can then provide more information on each of your personalized recommendations.

Find Your Perfect Mattress at Mattress Warehouse

The Sleep Professionals at Mattress Warehouse are here to help you with all of your mattress needs. They’ll answer questions, address concerns, and help you find your ideal mattress for your best night’s sleep yet. 

Speak with a Sleep Professional today at one of our convenient locations and let them guide you through our unique bedMATCH® system. At Mattress Warehouse, we’re committed to helping you find the mattress of your dreams!