Buying A Mattress Online vs. Buying In Store

August 16, 2022 · Mattress Warehouse
woman buying mattress online

The best place to buy a mattress depends on what company you purchase it from, not necessarily whether you buy it online or in store.

You can purchase anything online nowadays. With a few clicks and a credit card, it seems as though you can buy anything your heart desires, and have it shipped to your front door.

Small online purchases with small price tags present little risk if you end up not being completely satisfied with the product. It doesn’t seem like that big of a deal if the new toothpaste you bought doesn’t whiten your teeth as drastically as you expected or the shirt you ordered doesn’t look quite the same as it did online, you didn’t lose much.

However, products that are more expensive and a long-term investment should require more consideration. Something like a mattress, that can last anywhere from eight to ten years shouldn’t be an impulse buy.

The team at Mattress Warehouse covers the best place to buy a mattress and how to find the best online mattress.

The Best Place To Get A Mattress

Whether you choose to stop at your local store or browse collections online, Mattress Warehouse is the best place to buy a mattress. Our helpful team members are all educated on each specific mattress and guide you through the bedMATCH® process. This diagnostic sleep test can be done online or in store. The technology analyzes your height, weight, pressure points, sleep style, and lifestyle habits to provide the perfect mattress recommendation for your body.

Benefits Of Buying A Mattress Online

Although it’s a new method of mattress shopping, plenty of individuals are comfortable purchasing a bed online without ever testing it out. The appeal of this purchase process stems from convenience.

The pros of buying a mattress online include:

  • No pressured decisions. Many mattress shoppers who opt to browse online instead of in a showroom don’t feel any additional pressure to make a purchase because no human is there physically helping them with their decision. It’s important to remember that salespeople are there to be as helpful as possible in informing the buyer’s decision.
  • Easy price comparison. A quick search engine query for “how to find the best mattress sale” can unearth sale information that saves you a lot of money as you try to find the best online mattress.
  • Upfront and transparent product reviews. If you fall in love with a mattress (and the price tag) but see a barrage of negative online reviews and low ratings, then you should probably check it out in person before making a purchase. You should consult a knowledgeable mattress expert to understand if the low price is too good to be true.
  • Personalized mattress recommendations. Weigh the pros and cons of each mattress depending on your sleep style and body type. Shopping online gives you the ability to read what experts say about each mattress’ ability to meet the needs of the individual, especially when it comes to the best mattress for addressing issues like back pain.
  • Product comparison. These benefits of buying a mattress online include quick product comparisons in the comfort of your own home. It’s easy to visualize the differences of mattresses by quickly comparing them online. You can quickly see a side by side comparison of mattress size, firmness, thickness, and price.

Benefits Of Buying A Mattress In Person

Choosing to visit your local mattress retailer provides a shopping experience that just can’t be replicated online. The ability to visualize and test the product before the purchase offers a perspective for a potential consumer.

The pros of buying a mattress in a physical store include:

  • Physically testing the bed. This seems like the most obvious difference between buying a mattress online vs. buying a mattress in a store, but it’s the most important. There’s nothing like lying on a bed to test out the cooling technology or ensuring your potential new bed provides proper support, alleviating any pressure points or discomfort.
  • Purchase satisfaction. Whether you pay $400 or $4,000, a mattress is a big financial purchase and should be viewed as an investment. Many people feel uncomfortable paying that much money without ever seeing or testing the product for themselves. If you see a better price online for the same bed in a store, rest assured that many mattress retailers offer a price match guarantee.
  • Easy comparison of bed sizes. Mattresses are a long-term investment. You’ll hopefully be able to have your mattress for nearly a decade. It’s crucial that you consider what you think will be good bed size so you need to consider not only what you want now, but what you think will be a good fit years from now. Visiting a physical store and lying on a bed can help you decide what size mattress is right for you.
  • Sales assistance. Speaking directly to a sleep expert can provide useful information that helps you cross-compare brands, models, and sizes. You can easily discuss your mattress financing options and better understand what your warranty covers. Opting to purchase your mattress in person provides the opportunity for you to speak directly with an informed salesperson who will go over each part of your new mattress’ robust warranty and get clarity on what is covered.

What’s The Best Online Mattress?

There is no universal best online mattress available. Every individual has a unique sleep experience. There are plenty of online mattresses available at a variety of different price points.

The team at Mattress Warehouse recommends taking the online bedMATCH® diagnostic quiz to see what mattresses are best suited to address your sleep needs. It’s the next best thing to visiting a mattress retailer in person and determining your perfect fit.

One popular online mattress is the Nectar Mattress due to its luxurious comfort and affordable price. The thick layer of memory foam provides support for all sleeping positions but is one of the best mattresses for side sleepers. Casper mattresses are also wildly popular due to their comfort and reliability.

Mattress Warehouse: The Best Place To Get A Mattress

Individuals will grow increasingly confident and comfortable with making a big online purchase in the future. At Mattress Warehouse, the bedMATCH® diagnostic tool is available online, so you can get an accurate mattress recommendation and order it online without leaving your home.

However, our team recommends visiting your local Mattress Warehouse to find your perfect fit. Although shopping for the best online mattress is easy at Mattress Warehouse, there’s nothing like consulting with a team of dedicated professionals in store.

Visit your local Mattress Warehouse and complete the bedMATCH® test in person. Whether you prefer an in-person or online shopping experience, Mattress Warehouse offers unparalleled customer service.