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bedMATCH, find your perfect match.

Mattress shopping isn’t as easy as buying clothes — you can’t immediately tell if it’s a perfect fit. That’s why we discovered a way to take the guesswork out of mattress shopping.

bedMATCH® is Mattress Warehouse’s patented diagnostic sleep system that does what our competition cannot — it makes scientific recommendations on the best mattress specifically for you. Through advanced technology, our system uses 18 statistical measurements and thousands of scientific calculations to determine the best mattress for not only your body type but for your sleep preferences and needs.

Statistical Measurements Taken During bedMATCH ® | Mattress Quiz 

This process ensures you will end up with a mattress that conforms to and supports your exact body type. The bedMATCH® sleep diagnostic system takes 18 different measurements including: 

  • Height  
  • Gender 
  • Distribution of weight
  • Width of shoulders, waist, and hips 
  • Dimensions of shoulder, waist, and hip area
  • Degree of lumbar curve
  • Neck pain calculation
  • Shoulder pain calculation
  • Mid back pain calculation
  • Low back pain calculation
  • Hip pain calculation
  • Sleep research adjustment   

Better Than A Mattress Quiz

Now imagine finding your dream mattress — from the comfort of your own couch. Although there’s nothing like testing out a mattress in person, with Mattress Warehouse's online bedMATCH diagnostic system analysis, you can find your perfect bed without leaving your home.

This is no ordinary mattress quiz. Since we know not everyone will be able to come in-store to try the system firsthand, we’re offering an expedited process online.

The online quiz was built with all of the same values and principles as the physical test. It still asks for measurements such as height, gender, and preferred sleeping position — and still only takes a few minutes to complete! At the end of the mattress quiz, you’ll receive up to six mattress recommendations that you can further explore on our online store, or save your results and bring them into a Mattress Warehouse store to feel them for yourself before purchasing.

It’s time to stop waking up sore and tired. Begin every morning feeling refreshed, healthy, and well-rested with a mattress that’s perfect just for you.

Find your local Mattress Warehouse to come try the free diagnostic system today.


Mattress Warehouse bedMATCH® Diagnostic System

How It Works

In just a few minutes and in four simple steps, you can go through this incredible process for yourself, for free. Drop by your local Mattress Warehouse to find your perfect match.

  1. Create your profile. Answer a few simple questions about yourself and your sleep preferences.
  2. bedMATCH analysis. Lie down on the diagnostic test bed for three minutes to determine your correct level of postural support.
  3. Mattress recommendations.  Provides you with up to six mattress recommendations with proper postural support for your specific needs.
  4. Choose your mattress. Using the recommendations that you receive from the bedMATCH system, one of our sleep experts will help you locate all of your recommended mattresses within the store. You will then be able to lie down on each one and choose the mattress that suits your preferred level of comfort and pressure relief.

The process is super easy and will help make your mattress buying experience stress-free!