Price Guarantee

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Buy with Confidence at Mattress Warehouse

Rest assured! Because buying a mattress at Mattress Warehouse means you have a 1-year price guarantee on your purchase. If you find a better price at any of our local competitors*, we’ll match it, plus 50% of the difference. This is our promise to you and it is valid for a full year after purchase.  With the exclusive Mattress Warehouse 1-year price guarantee, there is no need to go anywhere else.  Our large warehouse selection and bedMATCH technology allow you to find the bed that is perfect for you and our already low warehouse prices combined with the 1-year price guarantee means you can shop with 100% confidence.

We know that the right mattress for you means better sleep. In addition to getting you the best price, you also get a Comfort Guarantee up to one year on select mattress brands, only at Mattress Warehouse. Visit your local store for more information using our Store Locator .

Mattress Warehouse cares about your family’s health and well-being and therefore, does not sell used, refurbished or returned mattresses or accessories. All of our products are brand new and factory sealed by the manufacturer. Sleep with confidence, only at Mattress Warehouse!

Our innovative sleep approach connects customers with mattresses created under one mission: enhance the length and quality of your rest. Mattress Warehouse sleep professionals give that process a face and a name. They'll help you finish the five-minute bedMATCH quiz if you haven't already taken it, gathering important details about factors that might influence your sleep. This qualifies our sleep professionals to provide personalized mattress recommendations based only on your height, weight distribution, and other relevant sleep factors.

*Price Match Guarantee excludes floor models, clearance and any items that fall below cost or MMAP