100% Mattress Comfort Guarantee

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Mattress Warehouse's 100% Comfort Guarantee

Mattress Warehouse is dedicated to ensuring customers get quality sleep every night. With our comfort exchange policy, Mattress Warehouse is focused on making you 100% satisfied.

100% of your comfort comes from your mattress and pillows, so why not protect your sleep with a guarantee? Only Mattress Warehouse sleep professionals use the patented bedMATCH diagnostic sleep system - pairing you with a mattress that uniquely suits your body type, weight distribution, temperature preferences, and other important factors. Combine that with Mattress Warehouse’s 100% Comfort Guarantee, and you can be confident that you are making the best choice for your sleep needs.

To ensure the best sleep experience, we have worked with our vendors to provide a comfort guarantee on most of the brands that we carry. If you are not satisfied with your original mattress within 100 days of use, simply contact us to begin the process for your one-time comfort exchange. Before executing a comfort exchange, you must use your mattress for 30 days and allow it to properly break in, and if after 30 days, you are not satisfied with the comfort of your original selection, you may contact us to begin the process. Through Mattress Warehouse’s Comfort Guarantee, you can test out your original mattress selection for up to one year* before deciding whether you want to keep your original selection or utilize our comfort exchange program. If you decide to take part in our Comfort Guarantee program, you will receive a 100% credit of the original purchase price to be applied toward the current ticketed price of the replacement mattress.

You will be responsible for any difference above and beyond the amount of your credit once you make your mattress exchange. There will be a standard delivery fee of $99, plus an additional $19.99 per piece removal fee upon exercise of all comfort exchange claims, regardless of value. Adjustable bases, pillows, protectors and frames are not eligible for comfort exchange. Law tags must be attached to the original merchandise and the mattress must be in a sanitary condition; clean, free of tears, burns, and stains of any kind. Please note that for the safety of our employees, we will not remove mattresses with bio-hazards such as blood, urine, feces or signs of infestation.

100% of the time, Mattress Warehouse cares about you. If you have any questions regarding either policy or would like to speak to someone about an exchange, please contact cservice@mattresswarehouse.com or call 301-682-8504, Option 3.

Eligibility on the Comfort Guarantee Program for various products in our lineup applies to residents within 30 miles of our Mattress Warehouse locations.

*Comfort Guarantee period varies from “up to 100 days” to “up to one year,” depending on the manufacturer.

*All mattress brands must be exchanged within 100 days, with the exception of Nectar.  Nectar mattresses must be exchanged within 1 year.