What to Look for When Buying a New Mattress

September 24, 2021 · Mattress Warehouse
buying a new mattress

There are probably only a small number of things people hate worse than shopping for a new mattress. It’s inevitable, it has to be done, it’s time consuming, and it’s about as pleasant as a root canal, right? Interestingly enough, if you have the right information going into it, buying a new mattress doesn’t have to be excruciating. So, it pays to know what to look for when buying a mattress.

Right from the start, you need to figure out some things before you even begin to look into buying a new mattress. What size mattress do you need? Will you have space in your bedroom for it? Do you need a firm mattress or something softer? Is an innerspring mattress the best option for you, or is it better to go with memory foam – or play it safe and get a hybrid? How much do you want to spend on a new mattress versus how much can you afford for a new mattress?

Let’s venture into what to look for when buying a new mattress so you don’t have to go in stressed out.

buying a new mattress

Key Features to Look for in a New Mattress

Now that you have the rough draft of a game plan, it’s time to think about key features to look for in a new mattress. There are dozens of features to think about when buying a new mattress. Some are probably obvious, while others might not have crossed your mind. Here are a handful to think about.

  • COOLING MATTRESS: Here’s a quick science lesson for you – everything you touch absorbs heat. This is especially true with your mattress. Some mattresses retain this heat, making you hotter throughout the night. Science has shown that you sleep better when it’s cooler. There are some mattresses (and even pillows) that utilize cooling technology so you’re not sweating as you’re trying to sleep.
  • RECYCLED MATERIALS: There is a lot of pollution in the world right now, especially in the form of plastic bottles. Did you know there’s a process where companies take the used plastic bottles and turn them into thread and other materials? These materials are then used to make certain mattresses, so you can rest a little easier knowing you’re helping the environment.
  • IN A BOX: There are many mattresses today that come directly to you in a box. These bed-in-a-box options give you the option to set everything up yourself as the mattress is vacuum-sealed inside plastic that’s then placed in the box. Before buying a new mattress in a box though, it’s always a good idea to test one out to see if it is indeed what you need.
  • ADDITIONAL SUPPORT: There are some mattresses that come with all the bells and whistles while some come with few bells and no whistles. One of the biggest complaints a person has when they come in to buy a new mattress is that their old mattress is hurting their back and hips. There are mattresses that come with additional lumbar support so that your back and hips are taken care of during the life of your mattress.

buying a new mattress

Questions to Ask When Buying a New Mattress

As tackled in a previous post, there are six questions you should always ask the sleep specialist before buying a new mattress.

  • What’s About the Warranty? Just like anything else you purchase, sometimes a mattress can have defects. You should not only ask the sales associate about the mattress warranty, but about the store’s warranty as well. Some mattresses come with a one-year warranty while others can come with a 10- or even 25-year warranty. It’s important to find out which when buying a new mattress.
  • What Mattress Would You Recommend? The sales associates are trained to know just about everything there is to know for each mattress. Sore back? Got you covered. Side sleeper? Let’s look at these mattresses. Talk to your sleep specialist and tell them the aches and pains you wake up with and how you usually sleep (on your back, your side, your stomach?). That will help them guide you in the right direction.
  • What Sales Are Going on Right Now? No one wants to pay full price when buying a new mattress if there’s sale going on. There’s a good chance that a mattress you’re looking at buying could be on sale. That alone could be the toss up if you can’t quite decide between two different mattresses.
  • What Are Your Most Popular Mattresses? Popular mattresses are popular for a reason, right? When buying a new mattress, you want to make sure the mattress is right for you and that it’s in your budget. That said, you also want to make sure you’re getting a mattress that’s durable and will be worth the investment.
  • What Sleep Accessories Best Compliment My Mattress? A lot of people see this as a sales associate trying to sell you extras when you’re buying a new mattress, but the two most common things they will advise you to purchase are a mattress protector and a new pillow. Not only do mattress protectors help keep your new mattress from filling up with allergens, dust mites, etc., it also protects it from stains. Even a small stain on your mattress can void your warranty. As for pillows, a cheap one from a big box store might not be right for you. There are pillows specially made for how you sleep, and the right pillow can make a world of difference in how you feel when you wake up in the morning.
  • How Can I Extend the Life of My Mattress? Most mattresses should be replaced every seven to 10 years. If you don’t take care of your mattress, however, you might end up needing a new one within a couple of years of buying a new mattress. Ask your sale representative how often you should rotate your mattress. Most new mattresses don’t need to be flipped, but it doesn’t hurt to ask if the mattress you’re looking to buy needs that as well.

Choosing the Right Mattress for You

When it comes down to buying a new mattress, it really boils down to finding the mattress that’s going to help you sleep better. To do that, you need the right mattress that’s the right fit for you.

Mattress Warehouse actually uses a scientific approach to finding the right mattress for you. It’s called bedMATCH®. Mattress Warehouse’s patented diagnostic sleep system does what the competition cannot — it makes scientific recommendations on the best mattress specifically for you. Through advanced technology, bedMATCH® uses 18 statistical measurements and thousands of scientific calculations to determine the best mattress for not only your body type but for your sleep preferences and needs.

There’s absolutely no reason to stress out when buying a new mattress. Visit your nearest Mattress Warehouse location and ask the sales associate about how bedMATCH® can help you get your best night’s sleep.