How To Know The Best Mattress For Your Body Type

May 10, 2019 · Mattress Warehouse
The Best Mattress For Your Body Type

There are many different combinations of mattress types and sizes, that make it difficult to know the best mattress for your body type.

Choosing the right size bed for your height can be even more complicated. As you consider what mattress to purchase, you should strike a balance between maximizing space in your bedroom and ensuring you have enough space, so your feet are not hanging off the bed.

If you’re asking yourself “What size bed should I get for my height” then read over these considerations so you can get an idea of what size mattress is right for your body type.

Considerations When Choosing The Best Mattress For Your Body Type

There are a few different considerations you should review before deciding what mattress to buy. The best mattress for your body type depends on body weight, height, and sleep style. Picking the correct mattress for your body type will also be a determining factor in how long your mattress will last.

As you begin your research process and consider your mattress options, make sure you’re prioritizing the bed that best meets the needs of its future occupants.


Bodyweight is very important when comparing bed sizes, particularly for heavier individuals. People who weigh more than the average individual should choose a mattress that provides maximum support, especially to pressure points on the body.

For many individuals in the above-average weight group, consider a firmer, thicker mattress to ensure your spine is supported and joints are alleviated. A larger-sized mattress might also be crucial to achieving restorative, quality sleep.

Picking a mattress that is too small can create discomfort. Try the online bedMATCH sleep diagnostic quiz to determine the correct level of postural support for your body.


At the end of the day, mattress shopping can be the most frustrating for taller individuals. Many mattresses are designed for people of average stature, but if you're over 6 feet tall, then a Queen, King, or California King is probably the best group of mattresses to choose from for your height.

What size bed should I get for my height? Choose a bed that is six inches longer than the individual it is intended for. If you have a sleep partner, make sure you both can fit completely on the mattress without having to lie diagonally.

Sleep Style

A final consideration as you decide what mattress is best for you is sleep style. The size and type of mattress matter when it comes to finding a bed that provides the highest quality rest. Your typical sleep position could be a huge factor in what size bed you need for your unique sleep style.

Check out the best mattresses depending on how you sleep:

What Mattress Size Is Best For Me?

  • Twin: Ideal for children and smaller adults living in tight spaces. A twin-sized mattress is compatible with a day bed or bunk bed style of frame. At 75 inches long, a twin bed can just barely fit someone 6 feet tall.
  • Twin X-Long: This mattress is the same width as a normal twin mattress but with a few additional inches that make it slightly longer. This mattress accommodates taller children and lightweight adults. The Twin X-Long mattress is 80 inches long (the same length as the Queen and King bed), making it ideal for someone shorter than 6 feet 5 inches.
  • Full: This size mattress is perfect for one individual. It does provide more sleeping space than a twin allows. Individuals who are taller can sprawl out or lay slightly diagonally to accommodate long legs. As the same length as a Twin bed, a full can barely fit someone 6 feet tall.
  • Queen: This mattress is a popular choice for couples of average size and stature. Taller individuals will have plenty of sleeping space. The Queen mattress is 80 inches long, making it ideal for someone shorter than 6 feet 5 inches.
  • King: Be sure to take measurements of your bedroom before opting for a king-sized bed. This option is wonderful for taller individuals or couples that enjoy sprawling out when they sleep. The King mattress is 80 inches long, making it ideal for someone shorter than 6 feet 5 inches.
  • California King: The standard California King is four inches longer but also four inches narrower than the standard king mattress. This option is ideal for the tallest individuals who need to maximize the length of the bed in order to prevent their body from hanging over the edge. The California King is 84 inches long, which makes it perfect for an individual 7 feet or under.

What Size Bed Should You Get For Your Height? Try bedMATCH

What size bed would work best for someone over six-feet tall? Should an individual under five feet choose a full-size mattress? Well, it really depends on a lot more factors than your height.

BedMATCH, a scientific test that uses 18 different statistical measurements, over 1,000 calculations, and analyzes information you provide about your sleep preferences, will help you determine what bed size you should get for your height. bedMATCH identifies mattresses with the optimal postural support and pressure relief for your body weight and height.

If you’re unsure what size mattress is best for your body type, visit your local Mattress Warehouse to speak to a helpful team member and try bedMATCH in a store or online!