Keeping Your White Sheets Clean

September 20, 2019 · Mattress Warehouse
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Many people struggle with figuring out how to keep white sheets clean. Buying white sheets always seems like a good idea at first, but as time goes on, people often realize how difficult it is to keep them in pristine condition.

Not only is knowing how to keep sheets clean crucial for your bedroom aesthetic, but also for your health. Having a clean sleeping environment plays a role in your physical well-being. If you have a poor immune system or struggle with allergens, you’ll want to keep your sheets as clean as possible. This will help you avoid dust mites that can cause reactions like skin rashes and sneezing, which can ultimately trigger more serious illnesses like asthma, eczema, and rhinitis.

How To Keep White Sheets Clean

Here are five tips to help you keep the dust, dirt, and stains at bay.

  1. No eating in bed. This is a big one. As much as you may want to, keeping your sheets clean means keeping food and liquids far away from your bed. Late-night snacking and careless spills are common causes for sheet stains.
  2. Apply makeup in the bathroom. For those who wear makeup, avoid setting up shop in bed. Powders, primers, and creams can quickly and easily make a mess on your sheets and prove difficult to remove afterwards. Additionally, at the end of the night, you should get into the routine of taking your makeup off before settling into bed so as to not stain your sheets or pillow covers.
  3. Wash your sheets regularly. After sleeping in your sheets night after night, their bright white color may start to dull. Wash your sheets two to four times per month in hot water, searching for any stains that need to be treated each time. Don’t forget to wash them in a separate load or with other white materials!
  4. Try vinegar. It’s an age-old remedy. To get a deep, natural clean you can run your sheets in the cycle with hot water and one cup of vinegar (no detergent), followed by a second cycle with 1/2 cup of baking soda (no detergent). It helps to clean any build-up and deodorize your sheets.
  5. Take advantage of sunshine. Open up your bedroom window and allow the sun to hit your pillows, sheets, and duvet regularly. The UV rays help to kill bacteria and dust mites. Air drying will also help keep your sheets soft and maintain their original quality.

Why You Should Avoid Bleach

Intuitively, many people turn to bleach when trying to treat a stain or keep an item as bright and white as possible. As it turns out, bleaching your sheets is one of the worst things you can do to them.

Chlorine-infused bleach can turn white sheets yellow due to a chemical reaction with protein-based stains (like sweat), producing the opposite of the desired effect. Instead, consider using oxygen bleach (sodium percarbonate) or adding whitening booster or baking soda to the load of laundry.

The Perks Of White Sheets

Ever wonder why hotels almost always have white bed sheets? Well, it’s likely for the same reason that you do.

  • Comfort. White sheets give the impression of freshness, cleanliness, and even luxury. In a hotel’s case, this makes guests feel comfortable that despite the fact that other people have slept in the bed, stains and filth can’t be hidden on white sheets. Therefore, if they’re crisp and white — they must be clean.
  • Good hygiene. Additionally, because stains are so visible on white sheets, it may incline you to wash them more frequently. While that can feel like a hassle, it promotes good hygiene and is a good practice in the long-run.
  • Versatile. Your room should be conducive to relaxation, and many people find white a relaxing, fresh color. Sure, maintaining white sheets can be a pain if you’re a naturally messy person, but they’re popular for a reason. They look great, they’re versatile, and they match with almost all bedding and room decor.

While color is one factor, figuring out the best material, thread count, and fit of your sheets is another consideration. Learn how to pick the right sheets for your specific bed.

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