How to Pick the Right Type of Bed Frame

April 26, 2019 · Mattress Warehouse
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People don’t often contemplate choosing the right bed frame when thinking about ways to improve their sleep environment. Knowing how to pick a bed frame isn't always seen as important as finding the best mattress, picking the perfect pillow, or making your room more comfortable. But we want to show you why that isn’t true. Here’s why choosing the right bed frame is an important part of improving your sleep.

Why Is It Important To Choose The Right Bed Frame?

There are several important reasons why a bed frame should be a staple item in your bedroom.

  • Adds style. Your bed is the focal point of your bedroom. The first place someone’s gaze fixates when entering the bedroom is the bed. Without a bed frame, your room will look unfinished.
  • Promotes sleep health. A bed frame can elevate your sleep position, making it easier to get in and out of bed. Certain bed frames, like an adjustable base frame, add the necessary support for your unique sleep style. This can alleviate sleep disorders like sleep apnea and ensures that you’re not sleeping in an unhealthy position.
  • Motion transfer. If you are a light sleeper, it’s important to invest in a quality bed frame. A poorly manufactured bed frame might wobble and could wake you every time you or your sleeping partner move throughout the night.
  • Protects your mattress. Mattresses require support to increase their longevity. Your bed frame is the foundation of your sleep system. Without an adequate bed frame, you could inadvertently shorten the lifespan of your mattress, creating lopsidedness or sagging spots.

Types of Bed Frames

The hunt for the perfect bed frame can be almost as challenging as finding the mattress itself. Here are Mattress Warehouse’s guide on different types of bed frames so you can be better informed when you do decide to choose a new bed frame:

Traditional Bed Frame

A traditional bed frame consists of head, foot, and side rails that reinforces the mattress on all sides. Composed of metal or wood, a traditional bed frame is a rectangular-shaped support system that typically has feet with glides or wheels called casters designed to easily maneuver the bed.

Platform Bed Frame

A platform bed frame is one of the most stylish options of bed frames you can choose from. This type of bed frame offers similar mattress support that a box spring provides. It reduces inevitable wear on the mattress to create a firm, flat surface on which to place your mattress. With the additional height, this bed requires less physical exertion to get out of bed.

Storage Bed Frame

A storage bed frame is similar to a platform bed frame in that it does not require a box spring. The distinction between a platform bed frame and a storage bed frame is that a storage bed contains compartments or drawers at the base for storage. This bed is optimal for individuals with small bedrooms seeking to limit the amount of bulky furniture in their room.

Adjustable Bed Frame

An adjustable bed frame provides the foundation needed for an adjustable base compatible bed. Its multi-hinged surface supports compatible mattresses. This bed frame is best suited for someone who finds themselves sitting up in bed a lot. It is highly recommended for individuals who want to improve their sleep because they are long-lasting and support your ever-changing sleeping needs every night.

Most adjustable bases allow you to adjust either the head or foot position for more support than just sitting on a regular mattress. The adjustments are done via a wired or wireless control depending on which style you prefer and allow for a headboard if desired.

The caveat with an adjustable bed frame is that you need to be sure that the mattress you are pairing with it is adjustable base friendly. If it’s not, you are damaging your mattress and not maximizing the investment in the adjustable base.

Rollaway Bed Frame

If you need an extra bed for your company around the holidays or family gatherings, a rollaway bed frame will satisfy your needs in a pinch. The rollaway bed’s strengths lie in its ability to be set up in a moment’s notice and can be easily stored away when it isn’t in use.

Bunk Bed Frame

The bunk bed option is the best bed frame recommendation to accommodate two children in one bedroom. This bed frame maximizes play area in a small bedroom while providing sturdy support for both mattresses. It allows each child to have their own sleeping space with easy accessibility via a ladder.

Daybed Frame

A daybed frame offers a versatile style that can function both as a bed and as seating. Since it only comes in twin sizes, it isn’t a recommended bed frame option for individuals who share a bed with a partner. However, this multipurpose bed frame is perfect for a single sleeper with a busy lifestyle. Most offer a pull-out trundle option which offers more possibilities for sleeping arrangements.

Futon Bed Frame

Similar to a daybed, the futon bed frame can function both as a bed and as seating. The major difference is that a futon folds out to be a larger sleeping space as needed. Many models are also available with drawers and other attachments to make them even more functional. They are limited to only full and queen sizes and fold up to be couch-style seating when not in use for sleeping. This type of bed frame is not recommended as the main sleep system, but it is a functional piece of furniture that provides additional sleeping options when company visits.

Other Considerations When Choosing A Bed Frame

As you weigh the different bed frame options for your bedroom, there are a few other aspects to consider before making a purchase.

  • Size of your mattress. When you purchase your bed frame, make sure it is the correct size for your existing mattress. If you don’t have a mattress yet, you’ll need to compare mattress sizes to pick the perfect mattress and bed frame for your needs. Both items are long-term investments, so take into account what you think will be a good fit, now and years from now.
  • Size of your room. A bed takes up a large majority of the average-sized bedroom. A large or bulky bed frame can easily overpower a room and take up unnecessary space. Choosing a simple bed frame that feels less imposing or opting for a storage bed frame instead of a dresser can maximize your space.
  • Box spring. The traditional bed frame requires a box spring, so it’s important to calculate this into your budget as you invest in a new bed frame. Some platform beds also accommodate a box spring to raise the height of your bed and increase firmness. Although a box spring isn’t required for every bed frame, it offers better support for your mattress.
  • Headboard. An additional item that you might want to add to your bed set is a headboard. This item adds a decorative flair to your bedroom and gives off a polished look. It’s important to ensure your bed frame is compatible with your headboard if you already have one. Headboards are most often bolt-on or hook-on style.

Support Your Mattress And Improve Your Sleep

A new bed frame can drastically improve your sleep quality as well as increase the longevity of your mattress. At Mattress Warehouse, our team believes that your entire sleep system affects your sleep quality. Without a bed frame, you could be compromising your sleep health.

Shop the variety of bed frames available in every size at Mattress Warehouse. If you need a new mattress as well, try bedMATCH in-store or online today to find your perfect fit! Sleep happens here.