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Bed Frames and Support Systems for Your New Mattress and Box Spring

Your Mattress Warehouse team understands that right beneath your new mattress and box spring set there is a frame and/or bed support system that is the unsung hero of your new bed: the bed frame or bed support system you select will provide invaluable support to your new box spring, giving it the support it needs as it - in turn – provides necessary support to your new mattress.

Further; your bed frame - constructed of sturdy metal components – can also feature such thoughtful features as wheels which will allow you to easily and conveniently adjust your bed’s position for household cleaning and vacuuming.

Other options to consider: a bed frame built from a sturdy high-density polymer in a variety of color options to fashionably blend with a variety of room decors while also making a style statement in its own right.

Bed frames also offer an opportunity to further personalize your bedroom décor. Certain bed frames feature easy, convenient elements that allow easy attachment of headboards and footboards to complement your mattress and box spring set.

A bed frame also offers its support to the mattress and box spring set you choose without penalty to the space that sits below it: you will still have ample room beneath your bed for handy, out-of-the-way storage.

Today’s mattress and box spring sets can add up to a substantial presence, especially with larger size sets. A bed support system that provides additional horizontal support for the box spring that sits atop the frame is an added layer of support where it’s needed most!

Bed frames and bed support systems may not get the attention other components get when shopping for a new bed but they are an important part of the performance and longevity of your bed.

Let the team at Mattress Warehouse show you how the right support system can provide a path to a great night’s sleep.