bedMATCH ® : More Than Just A Mattress Quiz

To find what mattress is best for you, we need to know a little personal information. The bedMATCH® sleep diagnostic system is a mattress quiz and so much more! The online version of the system takes less than three minutes and has either 12 or 23 questions, depending on if you’re answering on behalf of a sleep partner!

Once you complete the mattress quiz, you’ll get up to six mattress recommendations that you can further explore on our online store. If you decide you do want to test out the actual bed before purchasing, you can save your results and bring them into a Mattress Warehouse store to feel them for yourself.

The more details we know about the way you sleep, the better our system will be able to tailor mattress recommendations that are specific to your needs. Although the most comprehensive experience involves lying down on a mattress in store, the online bedMATCH® sleep diagnostic system is more sophisticated than any mattress quiz available.

Ready to improve your sleep? Take the quiz now!