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Mattress Warehouse Offers the Best Rollaway Beds.

Summer vacation at the grandparents. Winter trips to mom and dad’s house with your own growing family for the Holidays. Just a couple of times when you might have crossed paths with a rollaway bed. Now it may be time to take another look at these great space saving bed options! Have a home or apartment and expecting friends, relatives, or sleepovers for the kids to stress the limited bed options you have now?

The Mattress Warehouse twin rollaway bed options featured in our lineup serve up function with a dash of style for homeowners and apartment dwellers entertaining overnight guests! The rollaway bed is the hidden gem in sleep and rest strategies: hidden away in a closet, storage space or room corner where it takes up minimal floor space until it’s time to deploy this great bed option at precisely the time you need it.

The rollaway is also a great way to be a hero with the neighbors: have a neighbor expecting an overabundance of overnight guests and they are stressed about where everyone will sleep? Your rollaway bed can be a stress buster to a neighbor in need!

The amazing convenience of the best rollaway beds never stops: rollaway beds can also provide an important sleep solution where caregivers must be close by during times of illness or rehabilitation. During these trying times, a rollaway bed can mean the reassurance and safety of a nearby caregiver at the ready.

Deluxe twin rollaway bed options from Mattress Warehouse provide comfort, mobility, sturdy construction and fast setup! The rollaway bed features a thick, comfortable mattress with 4-inch polyfoam construction and swivel casters that let you quickly and easily move your rollaway bed into the precise spot where a bed is needed in your home.

The best rollaway beds feature strong, durable steel frame and steel link deck construction for years of reliable use. And finally, our models also feature automatic leg opening, meaning easy lowering into position and easy folding for storage.

Comfort, convenience, and ease-of-use: it’s all here with a rollaway bed from Mattress Warehouse!