Mattress Sales: How To Get the Best Deal

February 1, 2019 · Mattress Warehouse

Let’s be honest. Buying a mattress requires a lot of thoughtful consideration. A mattress can last up to a decade with proper care, so it’s important to research and test out different materials and mattress brands to know you’re making the purchase that’s best for you.

Whether your budget is $200 or $4,000, the decision to purchase a new bed is significant, so it’s worth understanding your options and researching how to find the best mattress sale.

When it comes time to buy a new mattress, it’s natural for consumers to want to snag one without breaking the bank. If that sounds like you, look for the best mattress saleto offer great deals on high quality beds. Not many people understand that you don’t have to trade off quality to find a mattress that’s within your budget!

When Is The Best Mattress Sale?

Time of year can play an important role in your mattress purchasing journey. The best time to buy a mattress depends on a variety of factors. While some stores have sales year-round, you can assume that the majority of stores will have sales during these times:

Holiday Season

As with most other industries, the holiday season is full of sales for mattress retailers. Starting with Black Friday & Cyber Monday and ending around New Years, there are huge discounts in stores and online.

However, while holiday sales may always seem like a good idea, keep in mind that everyone else is also searching for sales around this time. Products also may sell out quicker than usual since there is a competitive nature to holiday sales amongst consumers.

Memorial Day - Labor Day

Although this time frame is a little less intuitive, summertime is one of the best periods to buy a mattress. For many retailers, this is the time of year to restock inventory and welcome new products.

Mattresses take up a lot of space, and mattress retailers only have so much square footage in their stores. This means as new products come in, old products must go.

It’s common for stores to highly discount their current floor models to make room for their new inventory. Most floor model mattresses are in decent shape but have been tested out by customers in the store and might be slightly worn down.

Another sales scenario is when a new type of mattress comes out, the older model loses value and is therefore marked down in price. Nevertheless, an older model doesn’t always equate to a low-quality mattress. It simply means it is not worth as much as it once was.

Tips For Purchasing A Discounted Mattress

Here are a few things to be aware of when shopping for a mattress on sale:

Check Online First

Before walking into a store and finding the sales section, take a look at their online sales page. Again, you should not compromise quality for price. That means you should enter the store with a set of standards and a predetermined idea of what you want. This way, you won’t be persuaded into buying something you don’t actually like but would otherwise consider because of the discount.

By looking at a store’s online options first, you can explore their selection and gauge your interest before making the trip in-store.

Pay Attention To Price

Prices can be deceiving. The trick to navigating a sale is making sure you are getting everything you need.

For example, inquire if the price includes a box spring. If it doesn’t, you may end up spending extra money and therefore the discounted price doesn’t hold completely true. Double check that you will have everything needed to set it up.

Use your best judgement on the legitimacy of all sales. Enter a store knowing your price range, and establish a good relationship with the sales member you’re working with. As you learn about the options that are best suited for you at different price points, remember that your mattress should be a long-term investment.

Do Your Research

A quick search on Google can reveal a lot. Read reviews. If there’s a discounted mattress you have your eye on, check out the company who manufactured it. Are they reputable? What do their customers have to say?

Going into mattress shopping blind won’t serve you well. You wouldn’t purchase a house without doing background research, so why should your mattress be any different?

Shop Sales at Mattress Warehouse

Remember that “on sale” isn’t synonymous with cheap. Even the top-notch mattresses go on sale from time to time. The best mattress retailers will sell great beds at all price points.

The key is to not rush the process. Give yourself time and keep your eyes peeled to find the best mattress to buy in 2019.

At Mattress Warehouse, our sales always consist of impressive, high quality mattresses for a fraction of the cost. You will never have to compromise quality for price with us.