5 Cozy Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms

October 26, 2018 · Mattress Warehouse
Budget-Friendly Ideas for a Cozy Bedroom

Your bedroom should be a tranquil haven — free from notifications, stress, and noise. The idea of how to create a cozy bedroom is particularly top-of-mind during colder months. However, if you have a small bedroom, you know that there is a fine line between cozy and clutter.

Even a small amount of clutter can make a small bedroom feel claustrophobic but skimping on decorations can leave your room feeling impersonal and empty. On top of these small bedroom challenges, having a tight budget can leave you without much room — quite literally — for creative freedom.

These five cozy bedroom ideas for small rooms strike the perfect balance between functionality and comfort. From picking cozy bedroom colors to finding the perfect rug, these budget-friendly ideas for a cozy bedroom will have you wanting to stay snuggled in bed all day and will help you fall asleep instantly.

5 Ideas On How To Create A Cozy Bedroom

  1. Add texture and soft rugs. The first step in transforming your bedroom into a cozy sanctuary is to have an assortment of textured throws in soft neutrals. The limit for soft throws in a bedroom doesn’t exist, so bring on the blankets. Putting blankets at the foot of your bed or on the back of a chair can create a cozy vibe. Even with a mostly neutral color scheme, you can boost character and coziness with textures. Chunky knits, faux fur pillows, and suede lamp shades add layers of dimension. Pick the right pillow to maximize sleep quality and coziness. A delicate mixture of textures in the room and a soft throw rug create the perfect place to curl up with a book.
  2. Implement wood accents. Wood paneling or exposed wooden ceiling beams foster an earthy, cozy vibe. If incorporating these ideas are too expensive, try adding warm wooden furniture or small, functional wooden decor. Incorporating wood-inspired colors into small pieces throughout the room weave a uniform aesthetic throughout the space and is one of many budget-friendly ideas for a cozy bedroom.
  3. Choose the right lighting.You can manipulate the light in your room to create a warm space. A lit fireplace in a room immediately invites people to gather around with some blankets and hot chocolate. Unfortunately, a fireplace isn’t feasible in every bedroom, especially if it’s a small space. Natural light is optimal during the day but using warm light bulbs with yellow and orange tones is a budget-friendly idea for a cozy bedroom. Avoid overhead lighting because it can be too harsh and isn’t as subtle as a lamp. If you do have overhead lighting, install a dimmer so you can soften the light, especially as it gets closer to bedtime. Lowering the lights can even be one step in creating a bedtime routine for adults.
  4. Decorate with soft-edged furniture. To make a small bedroom feel cozy, try using upholstered, soft-edged furniture. Round edges and soft textures create a more welcoming environment. When every aspect of a small bedroom is comfortable and cushioned, you’ll find it hard to venture out of the bedroom.
  5. Pick cozy bedroom colors. Busy patterns and bold colors aren’t necessarily the way to create a cozy bedroom. Neutral colors, white on white, and earthy tones are ideal cozy bedroom colors. Warm colors bring comfort to any small bedroom or plain space. Choose pieces and paint colors that support a warm color palette and foster a relaxing sleep space. Wicker, woven fabrics, and brassy metals can convey coziness. Finding pieces that add warmth in tone, and sleek or softness in texture can balance all other aspects of a small bedroom.

A cozy bedroom needs a cozy mattress.

As it becomes colder outside, creating a sleep space that is warm and cozy will lead to higher quality rest. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort or coziness when trying to find ways to make your bedroom look bigger. Adding cozy sleep accessories to your bedroom that are designed for your unique sleep specifications will not only transform your bedroom aesthetic — it will transform your sleep health!

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