How To Pick The Right Sleeping Pillow

How To Pick The Right Sleeping Pillow

We care about your overall sleep health because we know the important role that sleep plays in our daily lives. Many individual factors contribute to our sleep quality each and every night. The same is true in our bedroom — each piece of sleep equipment and every sleep accessory contributes to sleep quality.

Pillows are not just for decoration. They are an important sleep accessory that work with your mattress to create a full sleep system for each individual person. We’re talking about the importance of good pillows for comfortable sleep and how to pick the right sleeping pillow.

How Important Is A Good Pillow?

Even if you’ve never woken up with stiff joints or a sore neck, you should still reassess your pillow setup. Your pillow is meant to keep your head and neck in alignment while you sleep. This idea of full-body alignment at night can keep you from waking up feeling uncomfortable or sore. Keep alignment in mind when you’re moving around to your go-to sleep position at night.

Your sleeping pillow also contributes to your temperature regulation at night. Everyone knows how good it feels to switch to the cool side of the pillow — what if you had a pillow that stays cool? If you are sleeping with a good pillow, you’ll maximize your time spent in bed and log more restorative sleeping hours.

How To Pick The Right Sleeping Pillow

Many people spend ample time picking out the right mattress, but sometimes our pillow selection doesn’t receive the same amount of thought or investment. Just as you approached your mattress selection with a personalized eye, you should do the same for your pillow. Here are the things to consider that can help you pick the right pillow:

Your Sleeping Position

We’ve talked at length about the best and worst sleeping positions for your health, but at the end of the day, we all usually identify with one or two of these go-to sleep positions. How you sleep at night determines how your head and neck lie on your pillow, and the support you need.

  • Pillows for back sleepers: Memory foam is a good option because it conforms to your head. This gives you the firmness you need to keep everything in line, but has enough give so your neck isn’t forced up at an uncomfortable angle. Check out the bedGEAR Back Sleeper Performance Pillow.
  • Pillows for side sleepers: When sleeping on your side, you’ve created a gap between your neck and shoulders. You’ll want a medium to firm pillow to provide support for your head and neck. Having a super soft pillow as a side sleeper can impact breathing, as your head is more sunken in and turned on its side. Check out the bedGEAR Side Sleeper Performance Pillow.
  • Pillows for stomach sleepers: As a stomach sleeper, you’ll want to be mindful of the thickness of your pillow and the breathability of the fabric. This position is notorious for causing back and neck pain, but the right pillow can still provide the right amount of cushion to alleviate pressure points. Check out the bedGEAR Stomach Sleeper Performance Pillow.

Your Body Temperature At Night

Overheating at night is very common — even in rather average room temperatures. If this sounds like you, it’s important to explore different pillow materials that can repel heat and moisture, and lock in coolness.

Your Changing Sleep Patterns

We know that over time our mattress needs to change as our body changes. The same is true for our pillow choice. Changes in age, weight or aches and pains can cause us to adjust our sleep position, thus requiring us to change our entire sleep system.


When Is It Time To Get A New Pillow?

It’s not uncommon for people to get new pillows when they need a new mattress — or when the internal material bunches and clumps so bad it’s no longer usable. Here are a few guidelines to follow to determine when it’s time to get a new pillow:

  • If it needs fluffing to provide any kind of support. You shouldn’t have to constantly fluff or rearrange your pillow to be comfortable.
  • If when you fold it in half and squeeze all the air out, it doesn’t bounce right back.
  • If your pillow keeps lumps and bumps even after fluffing.
  • If it’s been 3-5 years since you’ve last replaced it.

    Why Do I Need To Get A New Pillow?

    Old pillows are holding on to a variety of bacteria and dust mites. Your sleeping pillow collects allergens, dust and body fluids over time. Dirt, oil and dead skin trapped in your pillow can contribute to asthma symptoms and even acne.

    It’s not enough to just wash your pillowcase. Every few months, you should also be washing your actual pillow. On the tag you can usually find instructions on how to clean your pillow. If you’re particularly cautious, a pillow protector works like a mattress protector and is a great investment.


    A 100% Sleep System Keeps You Feeling 100% Refreshed.

    If you dedicate the time to finding the right mattress and a good pillow, your sleep experience will be greatly improved. Similar to the bedMATCH process at Mattress Warehouse, bedGEAR uses an individual’s PillowID ® to determine which pillow is the best fit for you.

    If your sleep system isn’t performing well, explore the bedMATCH process at Mattress Warehouse and shop the BEDGEAR line of performance bedding to return to peak performance.

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