6 Ways To Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger

October 5, 2018 · Mattress Warehouse

Space is a luxury not everyone has in their bedroom, especially if you live with roommates or in a large city with small apartments. If you’re tight on space, you might be asking yourself, “How do you arrange furniture in a small bedroom?” Optimizing the space in your small bedroom isn’t just important for feng shui — it’s necessary to have functional space.

Looking at beds for small rooms is the first step on how to make my room look bigger. By following these six space-maximizing tricks, you can transform any confined bedroom into a spacey sanctuary.

Tips On How To Make My Room Look Bigger

1.) Use vertical space.If you have minimal square footage, you might not be able to fit an extra dresser or nightstand. An alternative solution to limited storage space is to maximize vertical space. Using the walls up to the ceiling is an effective way to draw the eye upward and create more surface area for belongings. Built-in shelves that go from the floor to the ceiling create a distinctive aesthetic and add more storage. If built-ins are too expensive, you can opt for bookcases or shelving units that are tall enough to reach the ceiling. Taking advantage of vertical space is key on how to arrange furniture in a small bedroom.

2.) Hang mirrors. Mirrors are a quick way to make your room look bigger. Whether you choose to install a mirrored wall or lean an oversized full-length mirror, it’s important to have a mirror large enough to span the height from floor to ceiling (or close to it). Adding ornate hanging mirrors, a vanity, or mirrored decor are all various options that can change the appearance of a small room as well. Not only do mirrors reflect light, making your space feel cheerier, but a cleverly angled mirror can create extra depth to any space.

3.) Raise your furniture to create more storage space.If there isn’t a lot of space for extra storage containers, then you’ll have to create your own hiding places to stash out-of-season clothing, bulky bedding, and other items you don’t use daily. Loft your bed slightly with risers to utilize the extra empty space underneath your bed. Buy flat, under-bed storage to tuck things out of sight. This layout is an especially useful tip for college students in a cramped dorm room.

4.) Minimize clutter. Less is more when it comes to small spaces. Keep surface areas on dressers, nightstands, and shelves as clear with only functional accessories. If you do have items that can’t be hidden or put away, place them in a structured fashion by arranging them by color and height. This can transform potential clutter into a streamlined, aesthetically pleasing display.

5.) Choose sleek, space-saving furniture.Invest in furniture that serves multiple purposes, such as a storage beds or a bench that hinges open. This gives you the ability to tuck away items that might cause your bedroom to feel cramped. It’s best to buy pieces that are tall and narrow for a small bedroom.

6.) Pick light colors.Light or bright hues enhance any space, giving off the optical illusion of higher ceilings. Darker wall paint or dark furniture close in a space and make it feel more cramped. Also, if you paint your walls and trim in different shades of one color such as off-white and white then it can expand a room.

How do you arrange furniture in a small bedroom?

There are multiple, easy ways to get the most out of every inch in your bedroom. One of the easiest ways to maximize your space is by looking at beds for small rooms. It isn’t practical to try to fit a king-size mattress in a 10-by-10 foot room.

However, there are a few simple hacks you can use to rearrange your bedroom furniture without sacrificing stylishness. Try to keep your furniture symmetrical, ditch at least one bedside table, and place your bed flush against the wall opposite of the doorway.

Will a queen size bed fit in an 11x11 room?

A standard queen-size bed is 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. Depending on the type of mattress chosen, the height of the mattress can range from a seven-inch standard mattress to a 22-inch pillow-top mattress. A standard size mattress is the best option for how to make my room look bigger.

A bedroom should at least be 10-by-10 square feet to adequately fit a queen-size bed with additional room to walk around and fit other pieces of furniture. An average queen mattress is five by seven feet and is one candidate for beds for small rooms. Traditionally, queen beds are placed in the master bedroom of a home, which measures several square feet larger than the other bedrooms in the home. If you want to place a queen bed in a smaller bedroom, choose a simple headboard, a non-bulky bedspread, and minimal other furniture in the room.

Don’t let a small room limit your design potential!

Achieving the perfect bedroom layout to make your bedroom look bigger doesn’t come easy to everyone, which is why the Mattress Warehouse team compiled this list to help make your bedroom more functional. From ditching clutter to installing shelving, you can take advantage of these space-saving tips to make your bedroom look bigger.

There are very feasible options that answer how do you arrange furniture in a small bedroom, but if you feel like you’ve tried all these tips and are still struggling with a space-challenged bedroom, then maybe it’s time to start over and try a smaller bed. If you’re trying to make your bedroom look bigger, then it now might be the best time to buy a new mattress.

At Mattress Warehouse, you’ll find a mattress uniquely designed for your unique sleep specifications so you can achieve more REM sleep. Explore the Mattress Warehouse collection online and try the virtual bedMATCH. Once you finish rearranging your furniture to optimize space in your bedroom, find a Mattress Warehouse location near you to talk with one of our sleep scientists. A bigger mattress isn’t always better! Our beds for small rooms can give you more space in your bedroom and higher quality sleep too.