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Bedgear Performance Mattresses

Bedgear Performance Mattresses

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Your mattress - it's one of the most important parts of your entire wellness routine. Bedgear Performance® mattresses are designed for rest and optimal recovery.

Bedgear Performance Mattresses are restorative masterpieces for those with an active lifestyle. These beds feature moisture wicking technology, advanced support systems and comfort layers for an incredible night of sleep, that prepares you to take on the next day well rested.

Bedgear Performance Mattresses are equipped with Boost® Fill technology that comforts and lifts your body, React® Memory foam fill for conforming comfort and support to relieve pain points, Dri-Tec® Fabric that wicks away moisture and keeps you cool, and Air-X® Paneling for maximum airflow. 

Created by an innovative team from the sports realm, Bedgear has mastered advanced fabrication techniques to produce high-quality sleep essentials that deliver the clean, cool, comfortable, and proper environment your body needs to regenerate and recover during the night. And it's not only Bedgear mattresses that work to support your sleep, Bedgear accessories are here to create an entire sleep system of support; a team just for you.

Give yourself the gift of a restorative night of sleep, with a Bedgear Performance Mattress. Visit one of our select showrooms to be custom fitted and select your perfect Bedgear Performance sleep system.