The Impact of Staying Hydrated While You Sleep

June 21, 2022 · Mattress Warehouse
staying hydrated while you sleep

As temperatures start to rise, it’s important to remember to keep yourself hydrated. Just as most cars need gas to go, your body needs enough water to get you through the day. Most folks know to drink water when they sweat during the day, but have you thought about the impact of staying hydrated while you sleep?

It shouldn’t come as a surprise – your body doesn’t stop sweating just because you fell asleep. It’s not uncommon to sweat at night. You may sweat a little or a lot, depending on how many blankets you sleep with, how warm your room is, and even what you ate before going to bed. It’s one of the reasons why it’s recommended to use a mattress protector so the sweat doesn’t seep into the mattress.

There are two big questions to think about before going to sleep each night – should I drink water before going to bed, and should I use cooling products, such as cooling sheets or even a cooling mattress?

staying hydrated while you sleep

Should I Drink Water Before Going to Bed?

Did you know that drinking water before going to bed could improve your mood? According to a study, water deprivation can negatively impact your mood, which could affect your overall sleep-wake cycle.

During the study, people who normally drank a lot of water weren’t as calm and didn’t feel as many positive emotions when they couldn’t drink as much as they normally did. Those with a low fluid intake showed an increase in positive emotion, satisfaction, and calmness when they increased their water intake.

Drinking water before going to bed, particularly if it’s warm or hot water, also helps to detox your body and improve digestion. Warm water increases blood circulation and helps your body to be able to break down waste.

Drinking warm water before bed will keep you hydrated through the night and may help the body to rid itself of unwanted toxins. It may also help to relieve pain or cramping in the stomach.

Benefits of Staying Hydrated While You Sleep

Drinking water before bed is a great way to ensure that your body temperature stays well regulated.

Research has shown that dehydration causes people to feel cold or hot while sleeping. Drinking water before bed benefits you by not only ensuring that you remain well hydrated while you sleep but also maintaining optimal body temperature. This helps ensure that your sleep remains undisturbed and comfortable.

Dehydration causes your skin to lose all its hydration and natural oils. Drinking an adequate amount of water throughout the day will prevent blemishes, wrinkles, and acne from occurring on your face. Drinking water before bed ensures that you remain hydrated throughout your sleep and wake up to find your skin soft and supple.

staying hydrated while you sleep

Stay Cool While Sleeping

Having fans in your room or turning down the temperature on the air conditioning is a good way to stay cool while sleeping. There are other ways to help stay cool, such as products designed to keep you cool while you sleep.

There are many different cooling accessories to help you sleep better.

Cooling Sheets

Investing in a quality set of cooling sheets will help you sleep without those night sweats. Bedgear Hyper-Cotton Performance Sheets, for example, keep you cool and dry by providing fast evaporation of moisture all night long. Enjoy air circulation and a perfect stretch to fit the contours of your bed and body.

Cooling Pillows

Don’t stop at simply upgrading your sheets. It’s so much easier to keep your entire body cool if you keep your head cool. Try the Tempur Adapt ProMid Cooling pillow for some added comfort, softness, and cooling. Just imagine the comfort of always having a cool place for your head.

Mattresses with Cooling Technology

There are so many options when it comes to mattresses with cooling technology. Be sure you choose one that’s sturdy and that provides comfort and support specifically for your unique sleeping needs. The Tempur-Luxe Breeze mattress provides all-night cooling that allows you to sleep up to 8 degrees cooler than traditional mattresses. Their cooling technologies provide noticeable surface cooling that you can feel when you lie down. The mattress stays cool as you fall asleep and continues to keep you comfortable while you sleep.

Alternatively, consider the Casper Wave Hybrid Snow mattress — a temperature-regulating mattress that uses Casper's Snow Technology for 12+ hours of cooler sleep. HeatDelete™ Bands direct heat away from your body throughout the night to provide comfort, relief, and a cool place for sleeping. To find the perfect cooling mattress for your sleep needs, try our bedMATCH® technology.

Cooling Mattress Protector

If you’re not ready to invest in a full new cooling mattress, then you can always upgrade your mattress protector. The Bedgear cooling mattress protector provides immediate relief when it comes to heat deflection. With revolutionary fiber that’s cool to the touch, you’ll be so relieved at how cool your night sleep can get.

Stay Cool and Hydrated to Get the Best Sleep

Whether you drink a lot of water during the day, drink water before bed, or sleep using cooling technology, it’s important to stay hydrated while you sleep. Interruptions to your sleep cycle can lead to serious health issues over time.

So, mix in a water before bed and, if you have questions about what cooling product is best for you, feel free to talk to any of the sleep experts at your local Mattress Warehouse store.