Signs Your Toddler is Ready for a Twin Mattress

August 7, 2020 · Mattress Warehouse
toddler sleeping in twin bed

There are multiple milestones your toddler hits as he or she grows — including walking, turning pages in a book, graduating from diapers, and more. One of these major milestones includes the transition to a new mattress.

While your baby has spent the majority of their nights sleeping in a crib or toddler bed, the time will come when they’re ready to move up to something they can grow into, such as a twin mattress. It’s important to recognize signs telling you they’re ready for this big move so you don’t transition them too early or leave them in a toddler bed too long.

When To Transition From a Toddler Bed to a Twin Bed

Like many other developmental stages for your child, there isn’t a specific set age for when to transition from a toddler bed to a twin bed. Children develop at different speeds, so you need to rely on the other signs that indicate that they’re ready for an upgrade. It’s crucial that your toddler has a bed they’re comfortable in, not only for their safety but also to make bedtime as easy as possible.

It’s important to consider your child’s uniqueness for such a transition. If your child is exhibiting one or all of the following behaviors, they’re likely ready for a new bed.

1. They No Longer Fit in Their Current Bed

This is an obvious sign that your child is ready for an upgrade. Just like your child needs to move up in clothing sizes when they outgrow the old ones, pay attention to the size of their bed in comparison to their growth spurts. If your child can touch the top and bottom of their bed with their head and feet, then they definitely need a larger one.

2. They Can Climb Out of Their Crib

This is often one of the first signs that your toddler is ready to move on from their baby bed to something larger. A toddler regularly climbing out of his or her bed is not only frustrating but it also presents a danger to your child’s safety. Even if you have the mattress set at its lowest position, if your child can climb out of their crib, it’s a safety hazard.

3. They Are Asking for a Bigger Bed

Some children will outright ask for a larger bed when they're ready. While this isn’t necessarily a sure sign that you should upgrade to a twin bed for a toddler, it’s a hint that they’re moving in that direction.

4. They Are Potty Training

Toddlers in cribs and potty training don’t go well together. If you want your child to be able to make it to the bathroom at night by themselves, they need to have an easy way to do so. Keeping them in a crib can make potty training a lot more difficult.

Tips for Transitioning Your Toddler to a Twin Bed

When transitioning from a crib or toddler bed to a twin bed, it’s important to keep safety in mind for your child. With a new bed comes a whole list of child-proofing necessities to ensure your child has a safe night’s sleep. Consider guard rails to ensure your child doesn’t accidentally roll out of bed, yet can get in and out of bed independently to use the bathroom during the night. Make sure to remove any hazards around where they sleep.

To further help the transitioning process, consider the bed height. To help prevent injuries and also help your child be able to get in and out easier, you can try keeping the bed low to the ground. It also tends to help if you encourage your toddler to nap in their new twin bed, helping them become more and more comfortable. Keeping routines consistent with their previous bedtime schedule while also making the change exciting and fun will help your toddler take the upgrade smoothly.

How to Find the Best Twin Mattress For Toddlers

There are many different brands and designs when it comes to twin beds, so how do you find the best twin mattress for toddlers? Consider comfort and support for starters. Finding something that is comfortable for your toddler is perhaps the best step in deciding on their new twin bed. If it’s an uncomfortable place then they might have trouble getting to or staying asleep. Selecting a bed with excellent support, such as a memory foam mattress or something with a lot of softness such as a pillow-top mattress, might be a good option.

Pick The Right Twin Bed for Your Toddler

As with any transition your child makes, it’s important to remain patient and allow your child to process the change. Upgrading to a twin mattress for your toddler is going to be an adjustment, but Mattress Warehouse can make that process easier and more fun for your whole family. You can find the perfect mattress for your toddler with our patented bedMATCH sleep diagnostic system. Within three minutes, you can get a custom recommendation for your toddler while allowing your child to feel like they are a part of the bed shopping process. Find the best mattresses for your (not so) little one at your local Mattress Warehouse today.