Should You Wash New Sheets Before Using Them?

December 23, 2021 · Mattress Warehouse
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Should you wash new sheets before using them? This is a common dilemma people face after purchasing a new set of bed sheets. On the one hand, you think to yourself that these sheets will probably never be THIS clean again. On the other hand, it might not be such a bad idea to soften them up a little?

While sleeping on sheets taken straight out of the package won’t harm you, it’s always a good idea to wash your sheets before sleeping on them.

Should You Wash New Sheets

Brand new bed sheets may appear crisp, clean and ready to be slept on. However, the truth of the matter is they were produced in a factory and it would be a good idea to wash them before first use.

Many people report an itchy, irritating sensation when sleeping on sheets that have not yet been washed. This is due to a starch called “sizing” that keeps the sheets smooth and crisp in their packaging. Nobody wants to buy wrinkled, bunched up sheets, so sizing keeps them as attractive as possible until purchase. However, this is why new sheets can feel scratchy or stiff, even if they’re made of soft material. A little soap, water, and a dryer sheet or two will have them smelling much more pleasant and feeling much cleaner to sleep on.

Additionally, defects in the sheets become more apparent after a good wash or two. Loose strings, tears or holes may reveal themselves — and the sooner the better. If you catch a defect during the return policy time frame, you will likely be able to get your money back or exchange it for a non-defective set.

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How to Wash New Sheets

Once you’ve picked out the right sheets, consider these tips for a thorough wash and clean before putting them on your bed.

  1. Wash new sheets with baking soda. Soften your new sheets with one cup of baking soda in the initial washing stages, and half a cup of vinegar before the final rinse (optional). Skip the detergent because it can actually lock harmful substances into the sheets instead of removing them. Wash with warm water, and you’ll soon notice your sheets are loose and smelling fresh!
  2. Use dryer sheets. Dryer sheets serve as a fabric softener and reduce static. They also smell great and will aid in reducing the new odor of the sheets straight out of the package.
  3. Iron your sheets. To maintain the appearance of your new sheets, simply iron them! This will eliminate wrinkles and creases and leave them looking good.

New sheets don’t stay new forever. Eventually, even the most well cared for of white sheets might develop a slight twinge of discoloration. If you have white sheets, use these tricks to keep them as white as the day you bought them.

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