5 Best Pillows For Side Sleepers

5 Best Pillows For Side Sleepers

It may not come as a shock that the majority of people sleep on their side. However, for such a large population it is surprising how few people take advantage of the best pillows for side sleepers and other sleep accessories designed to benefit this specific sleeping position.

A quality pillow can last you around three years. Considering we spend one-third of our lives asleep, it’s important to invest in not only comfortable, but customized and supportive sleep accessories to ensure excellent rest and minimal strain on our bodies. Purchasing the best pillow for neck supportcan have a largely positive impact on your health in the long-run.

Best Pillows For Side Sleepers

The best pillows for side sleepers conform to an individual’s body in a way that makes them comfortable. Pillows for side sleepers can also combat the adverse effects of this position, such as pressure on the lungs and stomach, spine misalignment, and shoulder strain. Pillows are a huge factor in keeping your body angled properly while sleeping.

Here are a few of the best pillows for side sleepers in 2019:

  1. Bedgear’s Side Sleeper Performance Pillow
If you sleep on your side regularly, this is one pillow you won’t want to overlook. The Bedgear Side Sleeper Performance Pillow was specifically designed for those who sleep on their side. It helps prevent neck strain from occurring and strikes the perfect balance between firm and flexible.
Plus, it’s made with a special fabric to enhance airflow and keep you from overheating during the night. Say goodbye to flipping the pillow back and forth to find the cool side!


  1. Bedgear’s M1X 3.0 Pillow
This pillow made by Bedgear gives both side sleepers and larger sleepers support in all the right places. It was created to relieve unwanted tension, regulate temperature via Dri-Tec® Fabric that wicks away excess moisture and heat, and includes a boost fill that keeps your head and neck raised at the appropriate angle.
Additionally, its crescent shape provides tailored comfort and support to the head and neck of all side sleepers.
  1. TEMPUR-Contour™ Side to Back Pillow
This highly rated pillow made by TEMPUR-Pedic was created especially for side sleepers who tend to roll around at night. If you like to start on your side, flip onto your back, and then flip back onto your side throughout the night — this pillow is for you.
It is ergonomically curved to adhere to this back and forth motion. It consists of higher, firmer outer edges for when you’re on your side, as well as a softer, lower-middle inlay to cradle your head when lying on your back. You’re sure to find comfort no matter where you land.
  1. The GrandPillow by TEMPUR-Pedic
The GrandPillow by TEMPUR-Pedic is one of the most luxurious pillows on the market today. With a silk-cashmere blend cover and diamond-embossed micro suede gusset sides, you’ll be sleeping like royalty.
This extravagant pillow lends itself well to all sleep positions — side sleepers included. It is highly conforming and consists of a medium firmness that is just as supportive as it is comfortable.
As an added bonus, the GrandPillow is allergen and dust mite resistant, so you won’t have to worry about reducing those pesky spring allergies that impact your sleep — it’ll do it for you!
  1. TEMPUR-Neck Pillow by TEMPUR-Pedic
The best pillow for neck support is undoubtedly the TEMPUR-Neck Pillow by TEMPUR-Pedic. It comes in small, medium and large sizes and was ergonomically shaped by doctors to ensure proper alignment of the neck and shoulders for side sleepers.
Not only is it extremely comfortable, but it provides therapeutic support that allows your neck, head, and shoulders to relax, as well as prevent or help recovery from neck, shoulder or back pain.

Find Your Perfect Pillow

Never underestimate the power of a great pillow, especially when it’s coupled with the best mattress for side sleepers. It can transform your sleeping experience — particularly when it’s designed for your preferred sleeping position.

At Mattress Warehouse, you can find a variety of high-quality pillows from top-notch brands that will not only boost the benefits of sleeping on your side but combat the consequences. Sleep is too important to your health and happiness to take chances.

Find your local Mattress Warehouse today to find your perfect match. Our experienced sales representatives would be happy to answer your questions and provide recommendations.

Remember that an investment in your sleep is an investment in your health. Happy shopping!

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