How To Combat Holiday Stress

December 14, 2018 · Mattress Warehouse

The holidays are upon us, which means there’s no better time for holiday stress relief tips. In the short span of a few weeks, countless people fluctuate between joy, excitement, anxiety, and of course, stress.

Why are the holidays stressful for so many? Well, busy schedules get even busier. People feel obligated to shop, buy, and wrap presents for all their loved ones. Millions travel to visit family or friends or are otherwise hosting and cooking for a houseful of people.

Bustling through busy shopping malls or hectic airports is stressful enough, but when you throw a lack of sleep on top of it all, you may feel just about ready to combust. Luckily, there are easy ways to avoid that.

How Do You Combat Holiday Stress?

Don’t fall victim to stress, and definitely don’t let your sleep suffer. Some ways that you can manage stress during the holiday season to obtain higher quality sleep include:

1.) Write down your to-do list.

Being disorganized can make you feel like you have much more to accomplish than you actually do. Having a visual representation of your tasks spelled out in front of you can help you better manage your time. It will give you a sense of control thereby reducing stress, which can result in better sleep.

2.) Get your shopping done early.

If it’s the shopping that’s got you stressed, that’s probably because you’ve left it until the last minute. Holiday shopping is often characterized by crowded malls and impulsive purchases you’re not sure the recipient will enjoy.

By starting your shopping earlier than you think you need to, like the end of October or beginning of November, you will avoid packed shopping centers and give yourself time to purchase useful gifts your loved ones will use year-round, such as bedroom accessories to help them sleep better during the holidays.

3.) Eat right.

Stress eating is real, and it can be tempting to constantly indulge in holiday treats. However, consuming unhealthy foods can make you feel sluggish, which could put you behind on your busy schedule, inducing more stress.

Eating healthy foods can make you feel good, provide you with more energy, help you sleep better and help you reach your weight loss goals.

4.) Exercise.

Make time in your busy schedule to exercise this holiday season. There are many ways exercise helps improve sleep quality.

Engaging in cardio and other physically demanding exercises will allow you to blow off steam, reduce stress and physically tire you out so you are ready to hit the hay. Those who exercise for even a modest 30 minutes each day should notice a higher quality of sleep each night.

5.) If you’re hosting guests, be prepared.

Hosting can be a very stressful task, especially if you have more guests than you do free beds. Don’t panic. There are simple solutions to fit all of your guests comfortably. Gather all the necessary sleeping accessories ahead of time, so you don’t realize you have one too few blankets right when you hear a knock at the door.

6.) Get your work done.

If you’re taking vacation days at the end of the year, it can be difficult to enjoy them if you know you have a huge workload to come back to.

Try to spread out your work over the weeks prior to the holidays. If you know you have important calls or projects at the end of the year or beginning of the new year, reschedule if you can. That way when your busy schedule picks up with shopping, traveling, etc. you aren’t completely slammed.

7.) Make your bedroom a stress-free zone.

Don’t work, gift wrap, travel plan, or engage in any other activity you find stressful in your bedroom. Find a space in your home for being productive and leave the relaxing for your room.

By conditioning yourself to feel stress-free in this space, you can fall asleep instantly. You may also want to light candles, burn incense or do whatever else makes your room your oasis.

Pro Tip: A clean, organized room is easier to fall asleep in than a dirty, disorganized room!

Stray From Stress

The holiday season can be a stressful time of year, but it doesn’t have to be. Make your bedroom your oasis of relaxation and rest with the right sleep system. With bedMATCH®, Mattress Warehouse's patented diagnostic sleep system, you'll never have to stress out over choosing the right mattress ever again. Just visit your local store to try it out.

So how do you combat holiday stress? By managing your time and prioritizing sleep. Especially when you’re stressed, getting consistent, quality sleep will keep your head clear and your immune system strong. Follow these holiday stress relief tips to sleep better and make this holiday season the most enjoyable one yet.