Best Mattress for Couples Guide

July 5, 2019 · Mattress Warehouse
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The Guide to the Best Mattresses for Couples

You’ve found the right partner in life, but what about the right mattress? When you share a bed with someone, it’s important to take into consideration the physical needs and personal preferences of each person. In a perfect world, you and your partner would have exactly the same wants, needs, and comfort levels. In the real world, it can be a little tricky to find the best mattress for you both, but Mattress Warehouse is here to help.


Shopping for a mattress together can be an easy – and even enjoyable – experience. Read up on what to look for in a mattress, how couples can work together to be as comfortable as possible, and a few of our favorite mattresses for couples.

What to Consider When Buying a Mattress as a Couple

The best mattresses for couples will adhere to each sleeper’s needs as best as possible. Is one person a hot sleeper but the other gets cold? Does one person need to adjust positions for a while before settling down? Are there different bodily aches and pains to consider? The right mattress will offer a solution to whatever your and your partner's needs may be.


Despite different preferences, it’s important that you’re able to compromise on a mattress so that each of you can rest soundly at night. Here’s what to think about as you shop for a mattress as a couple.

Bed Size

When it comes to sharing a bed, more space is almost always preferable to less space. Though you may consider buying a full-size bed to save money or because of your living situation, in the long run, it may not give either of you enough room for a solid night’s sleep. This is why most couples should consider a queen- or king-sized bed. Everyone gets the space they need to be comfortable while sleeping.

Each Person’s Individual Preferences

When it comes to firmness, everyone has a preference and different sleep needs. Some enjoy a very firm mattress with little give – ideal for stomach sleepers. Others want an ultra-plush mattress that conforms more to their body and feels like being wrapped in a cozy blanket. If you and your partner have similar sleep positions and preferences, that will make selecting a firmness easy.


For everyone else, here’s your cheat sheet. 


Many people find the right comfort and support with mattresses in the medium-range of mattress firmness to help solve problems related to preferences or sleep positions.


If mid-range firmness doesn’t work for you, your partner, or either of you, consider one of these options:


  • A smart mattress allows each of you to set your preferred firmness level on your side of the bed
  • Two twin XL mattresses equal a single king-sized bed, allowing you each to choose your own mattress
  • Using a split adjustable base beneath your mattress allows each person to make the head or legs of the bed as high or low as they need, especially if you pair it with a split queen or king mattress

Motion Isolation

Motion isolation isn’t just for couples where one partner moves around a lot and the other needs stillness. Sometimes, one partner goes to bed much later or wakes up much earlier than the other, which can be disruptive. Some people are easily woken up by the smallest movements during the night. For light sleepers, early risers, night owls, and anyone who’s bothered by the feel of someone else moving in bed, motion isolation should be a major consideration.


Memory foam beds are great for minimizing motion transfer. The best ones are so good at isolating motion that you might forget you’re sharing a bed with someone who spends all night tossing and turning. However, if an innerspring mattress better fits your sleep needs, you might consider a mattress topper to help absorb each other’s nocturnal movements.

Edge Support

No one wants to roll off the bed in the middle of the night. That’s why edge support is vital when mattress shopping with your partner. Edge support is usually provided by a sort of frame that goes around the edges of the mattress. It keeps the mattress supported, and without good edge support, your mattress would start to sag on the sides.

High-quality edge support on a mattress means you and your partner get more use out of the bed’s space. When the edges stay firm, you’re less likely to move toward the center of the mattress for fear of dropping off. Why buy that big bed if you’re only going to sleep in the center?

Temperature Control

There are a lot of factors at play when it comes to temperature control while you sleep, and your mattress is just one of them. Other elements of your environment that affect temperature include:


  • The temperature of your room
  • The warmth of your blankets
  • The body temperature of the person sleeping next to you


Factoring in everything else, your mattress also contributes to how hot or cold you can get at night. Some mattresses are designed for optimized airflow to prevent absorbing your body heat. Other mattresses contain heat-absorbing gel or other designs to stay cool throughout the night.

Hot Sleepers

Sleepers who wake up sweaty or just can’t seem cool off at night need to consider a mattress that won’t absorb body heat. Some mattresses may even help cool you off during the night or wick sweat away from your skin. Look for gel-infused foam or hybrid mattresses to cool you down. Some of these even include TENCEL™ mattress covers, which are like athletic wear and are designed to keep you sweat-free all night long.

Cold Sleepers

If, on the other hand, all the blankets in the world can’t keep you warm enough at night, you might look into adding a down mattress topper to your bed. It will cushion your body like a cocoon to keep you toasty warm all night long.

Hot Sleeper AND Cold Sleeper

What if you and your partner disagree on mattress temperature? When only one of you is a hot sleeper, you might consider the two-twin-mattress solution and a twin-size cooling gel pad for that one mattress, or a separate ultra-warm blanket for the cold sleeper.

The Best Type of Mattress for Couples

When shopping for a mattress with your partner, consider the three main types of mattresses available and why each might be a good choice for the two of you.

Innerspring Mattresses

The most traditional of mattresses, innerspring mattresses have coils that give the mattress both bounce and support.


Pros of an innerspring mattress for couples:


  • Coils inside the mattress allow for optimum airflow, which is good for hot sleepers
  • They may tend to be firmer than other mattresses (though firmness can differ across models and brands)
  • Good for stomach sleepers due to extra support


Cons of an innerspring mattress for couples:


  • Do not absorb motion as much as the other mattress types 
  • Some models tend to have less cushion on top
  • Springs may break or become squeaky as the mattress ages

Memory Foam Mattresses

These mattresses use a dense foam instead of springs to keep you supported while you sleep. Your mattress then contours to your body as you move.


Pros of a memory foam mattress for couples:


  • Best for motion isolation and zero noise
  • Relieves joint pain as it contours to your body
  • Hypoallergenic


Cons of a memory foam mattress for couples:


  • Softness/firmness may change with extreme temperatures (too soft in the heat and too firm in the cold)
  • Memory foam is not ideal for stomach sleepers, as it’s the most conforming and least supportive of the three mattress types

Hybrid Mattresses

These are sometimes referred to as “the best of both worlds,” as they combine innersprings with memory foam.


Pros of hybrid mattresses for couples:


  • Coils plus memory foam offer overall excellent support for almost all sleep positions and body aches, making them a great compromise for couples with different sleeping positions
  • They come with a comfort layer on top, making them both soft and supportive
  • Good for motion isolation
  • Tend to provide more structure than memory foam alone


Cons of hybrid mattresses for couples:


  • May be too soft or lack bounce compared to an innerspring mattress
  • May be too firm or not as conforming compared to a memory foam mattress


Purchasing a mattress as a couple may require some compromises. Before heading over to your nearest Mattress Warehouse, discuss with your partner the mattress qualities that are most important to you. If your preferences align, that’s great. But maybe one of you prefers an extra-firm mattress while the other wants something ultra-plush.


The professionals at Mattress Warehouse have the expertise you’re looking for when it comes to finding a mattress that will make you and your partner happy. Use our scientifically-designed bedMATCH® system in-store to find your ideal bed type. Then, our experts can recommend the right mattress for your needs. 

The Best Mattresses for Couples

But what, specifically, are the best mattresses for couples? Here are a few we recommend based on the criteria above.

Tempur-Pedic Tempur-ProBreeze 2.0 Medium Hybrid Mattress

This hybrid mattress is wonderful for couples with different sleep preferences. The Tempur-Pedic pressure-relieving materials will provide enough comfort for partners who prefer something softer, while the 1,000+ premium innersprings give the mattress exactly the right amount of firmness. Partners who sleep hot will love the Pure Cool Plus Material, Ventilated Advanced Relief Material, and heat-diffusing layer. Plus, all couples will love the outstanding motion isolation provided by this unique mattress.

Casper Snow Mattress

This mattress provides the perfect balance of plush and firm, making it ideal for couples with different comfort preferences. The Premium Memory Foam with Zoned Support™ keeps your spine aligned and your pressure points cushioned, while the individually-pocketed Flex Coils give you all the support you need for a restful, pain-free sleep. The Flex Coils are also designed to absorb your partner’s motion so everyone can sleep undisturbed all night long.

Serta Perfect Sleeper Castara Pillow Top Mattress

A Mattress Warehouse exclusive! This mattress has everything a couple needs to sleep peacefully side by side. The EvenCool™ Fabric and Cool Twist™ Gel Memory Foam keep hot sleepers cool all night long, and the 825 individually-wrapped coils absorb all your partner’s motions so you can sleep peacefully. This mattress is both plush and supportive to provide all the firmness one partner wants with exceptional cushion for the other partner.

Other Sleep Tips for Couples

Use a Split Adjustable Base

An adjustable base is a type of mechanical bed frame that lets you adjust the head or feet of your bed higher or lower. A split adjustable base allows each partner to raise or lower their head or legs according to their body’s needs – without interfering with their partner.

Customize Your Sleep Accessories

Pillows and blankets don’t need to match. Buy the pillow and blanket that suits your sleeping position and comfortable temperature level, and let your partner do the same.

Find a Compromise on Lighting

Nightlights, table lamps, and sleep masks are all great options for when one partner likes more light at night or open curtains in the morning, but the other partner needs full darkness to sleep.

Find the Perfect Mattress for You and Your Partner with bedMATCH®

Mattress Warehouse’s patented bedMATCH® system is scientifically designed to help you and your partner find the perfect mattress to suit you both. When you come into our store, you and your partner will be able to use our diagnostic bedMATCH® system to calculate your exact mattress needs, resulting in a list of mattresses that are suited for you both. Our team of Mattress Warehouse experts will then help you pick out the perfect mattress for both of you.