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Once your new mattress arrives its probably time to let go of your old mattress and box spring. The Mattress Warehouse Recycle & Disposal Service Fee is a per piece service charge that covers the removal and disposal of your old mattresses* or box spring during the delivery of your new items. This per piece fee applies to each mattress and box spring to be removed and covers the removal, recycling, and disposal of the item.

At Mattress Warehouse, it is our mission to keep used mattresses and box springs out of your home and out of landfills. We partner with recycling companies such as Resource Recycling and Recycling Works to deconstruct old mattresses and recycle the materials. These materials, such as metal from box springs and innerspring coils, and cotton from mattress padding, are stripped and sterilized, provided to up-cycling companies, and used to make goods such as dog beds and carpet pads. This program is a part of the Mattress Warehouse Green & Clean Initiative to help make our Earth a better (and cleaner!) place to live.

*Please note: we cannot remove stained mattresses due to the potential bio-hazard risk to our delivery team.

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