Purple Premium Smart Adjustable Bed Base

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Upgrade your sleep experience with the Purple Premium Smart Base. This adjustable bed base is designed to provide you with personalized comfort and convenience, whether you’re sleeping, working, or relaxing in bed. With an easy-to-use app or remote control, you can enjoy the benefits of Zero-Gravity preset, Lounge preset, and customizable Head & Foot Elevation, all designed to enhance your sleep and overall wellbeing.

Discover the amazing features this adjustable bed base has to offer, enhancing your sleeping experience:

• Personalized Comfort: Choose from multiple settings to find your perfect position whether you’re sitting, sleeping, working, or relaxing in bed.
• Head & Foot Elevation: Adjust the head and foot sections to find the perfect sleeping position.
• Zero-Gravity Preset: Relieve pressure off your lower back and promote circulation with this preset.
• Lounge Preset: Get cradled comfort while reading, watching TV, or working from bed.
• Anti-Snore Preset: Slightly raises the head of the bed to help open airways for a more restful sleep.
• Best Support for Purple Mattresses: Purple Smart Bases are designed to properly support the Purple Mattress, improving the longevity of your mattress.
• Quality Components Built to Last: Crafted from quality components that are built to last, even through extensive use.
• Weight Capacity of 750lbs: Properly supports any mattress.
•Made in the USA

Elevate your sleep experience today with this adjustable bed base and its amazing features and benefits.
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