Bedgear Ver-Tex Pillowcases

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Bedgear Ver-Tex Pillowcases are your ticket to a cooler and more comfortable sleep. The innovative Ver-Tex technology packs an instant-cooling power that works to disperse heat away from the head and neck for more refreshing nights and rejuvenated mornings. The Ver-Tex Pillowcase also features Luxe Powerband to hold your pillow in place throughout the night. Say so long to the search for the cooler sleep.

Key Features:

  • Instant cooling: Tired of waking up hot and sweaty? Say goodbye to heat buildup around your head as the Ver-Tex™ Pillowcases provides an instant-cooling sensation that keeps you refreshed throughout the night.
  • Unparalleled comfort and flexibility: The Bedgear Ver-Tex Pillowcases provide a seamless blend of softness and stretch, allowing them to effortlessly adapt to your body's movements while you enjoy a restful sleep.
  • Luxe Powerband: Your solution to restless nights and pillow slippage. This innovative Pillowcase guarantees zero pillow movement, allowing you to effortlessly discover your ideal sleeping position and enjoy uninterrupted comfort throughout the night.
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