Bedgear Hyper-Wool Pillowcases

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The Bedgear Hyper-Wool Pillowcases are engineered with Hyper-Wool technology to offer temperature balance and breathability for a soft, cozy sleep environment. The Luxe Powerband® keeps your pillows in place for uninterrupted sleep.

Key Features:

  • Classic feel: Hyper-Wool is a throwback to the classic comfort of wool, but with an itch-free feel and breathability factor that keeps you cozy and comfortable all night.
  • Breathable: Featuring an airflow certification, restore your sleep with the Hyper-Wool Pillowcase set! Sleep is a dream with enhanced airflow and breathability.
  • No-slip technology: With the Luxe Powerband, you can say goodbye to constant pillow adjustments! Enjoy a no-slip fit for your pillowcase, allowing you to sleep with confidence and uninterrupted comfort throughout the night.
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