Powell Beatrice Bed Steps with Drawer

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Elevate both style and functionality in your home with the Powell Beatrice Bed Steps with Drawer. Designed with charming country styling, these steps bring a touch of practical elegance when you need an extra boost.

Key Features:

  • Charming Country Styling: Infuse your home with a touch of charming country style. The Beatrice Bed Steps feature a design that adds character and warmth to any space, making them a delightful accent beyond the bedroom.

  • Perfect for You and Your Pet: These steps are not only designed to assist you in reaching higher spaces but are also perfect for your furry friends. Whether it's reaching high shelves or providing easy access to your bed for your pet, these steps offer versatile functionality.

  • Luxuriant Cherry Finish: The steps are finished in a luxuriant cherry color, adding a touch of sophistication to their aesthetic. The rich color enhances the overall visual appeal, making these steps a stylish addition to your home.

  • Solid Wood Queen Anne Legs: The bed steps are supported by solid wood Queen Anne legs, which not only provide stability but also contribute to the classic and timeless design. The elegant curves of the legs enhance the overall charm of the piece.

  • Hidden Drawer for Storage: The top step includes a handy hidden drawer, offering discreet storage for your convenience. Keep small items, essentials, or personal belongings neatly tucked away, maintaining a clean and organized living space.

  • Versatile Two-Step Design: The two-step design of the ladder-like structure provides a helpful height boost. Use it for various tasks around the house, from reaching high cabinets to assisting your pet in reaching their favorite spots.


  • Assembled Size: 19" x 15" x 16.25"
  • Assembled Weight: 16.72 lbs
  • Assembly Required
  • Weight Limit: 400 lbs
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