Mattress Buying Guide

Shopping for a new mattress? With so many options and styles to choose from it can be a rather daunting task. The professionals at Mattress Warehouse understand and that’s why we’ve assembled this easy and convenient mattress buyer’s guide designed to help you find the mattress and other sleep products that are uniquely right for you, your family, and your budget. It’s worth noting that while there are many different mattresses from which to select and Mattress Warehouse features an amazing selection of top mattresses to choose from both online and at each of our over 200 store locations in seven states and the District of Columbia, shopping for a new mattress can always best be described as finding the right combination of price and comfort to suit your needs in this process. To simplify the process, start with the easiest components: what size do you need? What type of mattress do you want? What is your preference for firmness level? Once you’ve determined what certain major features you’re after in a new mattress, assign a price range to your shopping criteria. Now you’ve created a group of mattress options that give you the construction and firmness criteria you want at a price range that’s budget-friendly.

Buying the Mattress Uniquely Right for You

Now that you’ve reviewed the options and features available for a new mattress and narrowed the selection range based on your budget for a new mattress you’re ready to select a new mattress that you’ve determined is uniquely right for you. Here’s where the great selection and great savings available at Mattress Warehouse combine to give you the mattress you want at the right price! Let’s take a closer look at the features you’ll find in our mattresses and the benefits of those features to you.

Features and Benefits of Mattress Design and Construction

Among the range of choices for mattresses found at Mattress Warehouse, you’ll likely be the most familiar with an innerspring mattress. This is the long-reigning top choice for mattress design and for many consumers. With a wide variety of innerspring mattress brands to choose from you can be sure that the design technology and construction philosophy vary from brand to brand and even from model to model within a brand. That being said, all innerspring mattress models still share the same basic construction of sorts: a center consisting of springs or coils. These ‘innersprings’ vary in thickness and thus affect firmness and support. Following the construction from the inside out: the innerspring unit is surrounded by an insulation layer, followed by the cushioning layers. These cushioning layers will help determine the feel and comfort of the mattress. Finally, the top layer – the decorative cover – this external layer covers the mattress and is the part you’ll see when looking at the mattress itself. Thus the ‘upholstery layers’ that surround the innerspring unit consists of three parts: the insulator layer, the cushioning middle upholstery layers, and the quilt layer.

Next in our lineup of mattresses at Mattress Warehouse: memory foam mattresses. The memory foam mattress lineup at Mattress Warehouse includes mattresses by Tempur-Pedic, Sealy, Serta (with its iComfort series). These memory foam mattresses are constructed of visco-elastic foam and offer up some interesting features and benefits including an ability to adjust to your exact shape thus relieving pressure on painful joints. Here’s where a person might want the benefit of a memory foam mattress to alleviate pressure points and offer up the chance for a restful night’s sleep. Certain memory foam mattresses - such as the iComfort Series from Serta - are also gel infused to help cool your mattress and keeping it more consistently temperate year-round. Another memory foam feature some fans enjoy: memory foam can absorb motion. Is your partner a restless sleeper whose movements actually affect the quality of your sleep? Memory foam’s ability to absorb motion means the potential for fewer disturbances to your sound, restful sleep.If an innerspring mattress and a memory foam mattress each have their advantages, there must be a way to blend both technologies to create an even better sleep experience: there is and it’s called a hybrid mattress which combines innerspring and memory foam into one mattress design! There may be certain support preferences in an innerspring mattress that appeal to you while the memory foam has certain benefits that likewise appeal to you. A combination of features such as those found in a hybrid mattress model like those in the iSeries lineup from Serta might make for an especially appealing option for you and/or a partner. The iSeries also provides a triple layer of mattress benefits: innerspring coils for support combined with gel infused memory foam for a cool, restful night’s sleep.

Lots of Sizes to Choose From and There’s Also Custom Mattresses!

The following chart provides the typical dimensions associated with industry-recognized ‘standard sizes’. Mattress sizes are approximate and may vary by +/- ½”.

Mattress Size Mattress Dimension (width x length)
Twin 38” x 75”
Twin Extra Long 38” x 80”
Full 54” x 75”
Queen 60” x 80”
King 76” x 80”
California King 72” x 84”

The range of standard mattresses, as shown above, is pretty impressive and will fit any number of room sizes and lifestyles. If, on the other hand, you have a need for a uniquely-sized bed, you don’t necessarily have to make do with any of the range of sizes you see above. A custom bed option is available. Let’s say you have a boat or motorhome and the dimensions of a sleeping area require a custom fitted bed. There’s a solution for that with Mattress Warehouse: we’ve created any number of custom sized beds with matching custom mattress and box spring set to fit your requirement for a uniquely shaped bed. Another situation where a custom mattress and box spring set is needed? Fancy a certain antique headboard you might have found on a weekend antiquing excursion? Restored that headboard to its original luster and now you want to incorporate it into your bedroom’s décor? You may find that yesteryear’s headboard designs don’t match up with today’s standard mattress and box spring dimensions. Mattress Warehouse can help with a custom mattress and box spring set.

The Importance of Proper Mattress Support: Is it a Box Spring or Foundation? 

Even a casual review of our commentary and information here at SleepHappens.com will inform the mattress shopper that we are always strong advocates for the selection of a box spring to accompany your new mattress purchase. You have expectations for how the mattress will perform and you also have expectations about that mattress’s lifespan. The best way to help your mattress achieve its optimum level of performance and lifespan and help meet your expectations for a new mattress is to pair it with a box spring built by that manufacturer and specifically matched to the mattress that sits atop it. A box spring or a foundation is designed to support your mattress, keep it from sagging, and to also aid in your enjoyment and satisfaction with the mattress you’ve purchased. A box spring – as the name implies – has a construction that features the use of coils structured within a wooden frame to deliver support to the mattress. Mattress foundations typically feature all wood construction but can also feature some metal as another construction element as the two work in tandem to support the mattress. Whether it’s called a box spring or a foundation, it’s a critical element of your new bed in that it provides a firm flat surface on which to place your new mattress and also absorbs shock that would otherwise be completely absorbed by your mattress and – combined with a bed frame – adds height to your bed making getting in/out of your bed that much easier. Protect the integrity of your mattress by giving it the proper support it needs with a box spring. A mattress and box spring set is your best approach to finding a satisfying and long-term solution to your sleep product shopping objectives. Box springs/foundations come in two styles: standard profile and low profile. With varying mattress heights depending on their design, a low profile box spring/foundation may be a shopper’s best bet for mattress support as well as ease and convenience getting in/out of bed. Finally, it’s worth noting that the warranty on your mattress may be invalidated if it is not used with proper support.

Bed Frames, Headboards, and Platforms to Complete Your New Bed

The bed frame: the unsung hero of the sleep product world. While the versatile bed frame does its work in relative anonymity, it does both important and versatile work: the bed frame offers important support to the box spring or foundation that sits on top of it. Outfitted with wheels, it lets the bed owner adjust the bed’s position for easier housekeeping chores, and – it also provides an anchor to which your bed’s headboard can be attached. Constructed of a combination of metal railings and rectangular in shape most bed frames are designed with ease of assembly in mind, the bed frame elevates your bed off the floor and also gives the owner added storage space beneath the bed itself if bedroom storage space is an issue. Headboards are an aesthetic choice that can help to complete or complement a room’s décor and help make your new bed the visual centerpiece of your bedroom. Certain headboards can also serve a functional purpose as well, providing a backdrop for a propped up pillow or pillow set for television viewing, reading, or using electronic devices such as a laptop or tablet PC while in bed. Headboard designs vary widely and can range in style from metal, wood, to fabric or combinations thereof. Mattress Warehouse offers a wide selection from which to choose both online and at any of our over 200 Mattress Warehouse retail store locations throughout seven states and the District of Columbia. A platform bed is also a stylish and performance-driven option for the new mattress owner: platform beds have long held a place in the heart of designers and home decorators who want to add a more modern, streamlined aesthetic to a bedroom. Constructed in options that include metal, wood, and fabric, a platform bed offers a solid firm, flat platform in support of the mattress placed on it and can also offer the intriguing option of built-in storage: built-in storage under your bed means easy access to clean linen right from underneath your bed! Items are kept in a clean, dust-free environment and multiple storage options within your bedroom.

New Pillows to Complement Your New Mattress and Box Spring Set

Anyone who has shopped for a pillow knows that the walls and floor display bins of many retail outlets are amply filled with pillows from which to choose. In this case, quantity doesn’t necessarily mean quality. A discount or old worn out pillow might be your personal roadblock to a great night’s sleep even after you’ve purchased and installed that new mattress and box spring in your home. Mattress Warehouse offers a pillow lineup that features a variety of styles that appeal to the specifics of how you sleep - side, back or stomach - and offers added features that help combat the intrusion of allergens that may affect your comfort and health. Earlier in our Mattress Warehouse Buyers Guide, we talked about the features and benefits of memory foam and memory foam with gel infusion to bed shoppers. Our lineup of pillows replicates these same construction components and delivers the same comfort and performance for your head and neck as the mattress does for your body. When shopping for a pillow it’s important to find a pillow design that matches up with your sleep style: decide whether you’re a side sleeper, back or stomach sleeper and then locate the pillow style best suited to your personal sleep preferences. Not sure if your sleep preference is limited to one style? Fall asleep on your back but wake up to find yourself lying on your side? Not a problem: the Mattress Warehouse pillow collection features pillows like the Fabrictech Opulent model which is an all-around comfort model and suited to both back and side sleepers.

Protect Your Bed with Mattress and Pillow Protectors

Throughout this Mattress Warehouse Buyers Guide, we’ve talked about the design and construction of mattresses, box springs, foundations, and pillows. We’ve provided information that will make the reader a more informed, savvier shopper of sleep products but there’s also another component of a great new sleep strategy that oftentimes goes unreported and here’s where we cover another sleep product strategy that will add comfort and provide critical protection to the investments you’ve just made in your new bed and pillow set: Mattress Warehouse mattress and pillow protectors. There are times new bed owners will place a mattress pad they already own and have used on their old mattress on their new bed as a form of protection for the new mattress. If the owner hasn’t swapped one mattress size for another, the natural assumption is that the old mattress pad is still a viable cover for the new mattress. The problems with this assumption include: -A mattress ‘pad’ is not the same as a mattress ‘protector’. A mattress protector is purpose-built to the task of protecting your new mattress from stains caused by accidents or even the deposit of other materials from humans and pets. Its specific function is to serve as a stain guard. -A mattress pad may actually change the feel of a new mattress you have carefully chosen because of its feel. A mattress protector protects without interfering with the feel of the mattress it is protecting. Mattress Warehouse features a collection of mattress and pillow protectors that are all about protecting the important investment you’ve made in your new bed and pillow set. We feature protection for the variety of mattress and pillow sizes we offer in our lineup.  

Creative Options for the Beds in Your Home

Thanks to the versatility found in the Mattress Warehouse lineup you can explore any number of versatile options when it comes to finding sleep product solutions for you, your family and overnight guests. Think creatively about our collection of daybeds, futons, bunk beds, and rollaway beds! Today’s sleep product marketplace features exciting new designs in both daybeds and futons – designs that match today’s modern aesthetic as well as styles that complement your room’s unique décor. Daybed, futon, bunk bed, and rollaway bed collections at Mattress Warehouse each have their own unique qualities that make them ideal space-saving sleep product solutions for close quarters and each offer ready solutions at prices friendly to your budget. With an incredible lineup of top name brand mattresses and box springs to choose from it’s easy to sometimes focus on a mattress and box spring set as the optimal solution to your home’s sleep product needs.

With our wide variety and great savings, you have an exciting range of options to choose from here at Mattress Warehouse. Each of our sleep product collections is shown here at SleepHappens.com and you can also rely on the sleep product professionals at our stores, each conveniently located throughout seven states and the District of Columbia.