8 Health Benefits of Using an Adjustable Bed

July 6, 2022 · Mattress Warehouse
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If you've never had an adjustable bed in your home, chances are you probably think having one would feel like sleeping in a hospital. Of course, owning an adjustable bed is nothing like sleeping in a hospital. There are a lot of different health benefits associated with sleeping on an adjustable base.

An adjustable bed is one that can both raise and lower your mattresses' orientation to different angles to meet your different sleeping needs. That's not all. As technology advances so, too, does the adjustable base. Some now feature technology that can sense when you're snoring and adjust accordingly.

Let's take a look at 10 health benefits of using an adjustable bed.

1. Snoring

If your bedroom walls are prone to shake at night, if you can be heard three bedrooms over, just know that you're not alone. More than 90 million Americans snore during sleep.

The main cause of snoring is the blockage of the windpipe while sleeping, which can be caused by several factors, but most commonly by the weight of your own neck onto your windpipe, preventing you from taking adequate breaths. An adjustable bed allows for a more inclined sleeping position, decreasing the pressure onto your windpipe and reducing the sound of your snoring, as well as allowing you to get a more relaxing sleep.

While this can help some who snore, many others suffer from sleep apnea, which requires treatment from your doctor.

2. Back Pain

Around one-half of working Americans face back pain symptoms every year. Adjustable beds provide support and alignment to your spine by allowing your mattress to conform to the contours of your body.

This can help prevent sciatica, a condition where nerves are trapped in the bed of the spine, pinching together and causing immense pain from the lower back all the way down through the legs.

For those already suffering from sciatica, adjustable beds alleviate the pain by matching the contours of your body and allowing a raised position for your legs. In fact, just lowering the bed up and down can help stretch your back.

3. Digestion

It may seem odd to think that a bed for your mattress can affect how you digest, but you might be surprised to know that by slightly raising your head level, you can avoid experiencing acid reflux, and help your body process food more efficiently.

A six-inch raise is generally recommended to boost digestion, but late night snackers might want to raise it higher, as going to bed on a full stomach means more digestive activity through the night.

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4. Swelling and Injuries

When dealing with a broken, sprained, or pulled limb, you'll often hear the best way to speed up recovery is to elevate that part of the body. You'll often hear your doctor tell you to just "prop your foot up," or keep it elevated for a certain period of time.

An adjustable bed allows you to lift or raise up your mattress and elevate limbs while keeping you in a natural sleeping position and eliminating the need to prop it up using a pillow.

In less serious situations, elevating your feet after a long day of work will help blood flow and help you recharge for the next day.

5. Posture

Your posture has a very heavy impact on your day to day life; having good posture can make you more confident and healthier. Having poor posture is associated with lower self-esteem and health problems such as lower back pain, and signals to others you have poor health overall.

Adjustable beds provide additional support to your spine, and just like how sleeping on an inferior mattress can worsen your posture, adjustable beds can improve your posture over time.

6. Improves Blood Circulation and Heals Heart Issues

Sleeping on a flat frame or regular mattress can intensify heart problems. The good blood flow of oxygen rich-blood is needed to maintain the heart. Poor blood flow can appear due to medical situations but can also happen when your body is not aligned while sleeping.

As soon as you sleep your blood pressure starts to drop. The best way to eliminate pressure is by setting up an adjustable bed. The traditional mattress does not provide proper pressure and hence increases the work of the heart while sleeping.

When you are slightly inclined from your flat position you breathe better as the windpipe is open. Certain ergonomic positions can help you as aids in circulation and heart issues.

7. Improves Lifestyle

We know how difficult it can be to rest or read a book without the perfect pile of pillows. It is time-consuming and frustrating to manage every pillow in the proper place for comfort.

Many people nowadays like to work, watch TV, or read a book on the bed. The flat mattresses are not designed for such activities. The addition of an adjustable bed to your bedroom is a perfect choice.

Additionally, the main benefits of adjusting the bed are that it turns the bed into a cushion, easy to position a comfortable recliner chair. The bed provides you a healthier positioning and gives you an enhanced lifestyle.

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8. Convenience

It's not always easy to find something everyone can agree on. While your partner wants to stay up and watch a movie, you have an early meeting tomorrow morning. You need your legs slightly raised, but your partner likes to lay out completely flat. Any of this sound familiar?

Split adjustable beds are the best solution out there for accommodating two people's needs at the same time. So, no matter how much your partner wants to watch TV, it doesn't have to mean another late night for you.

It's also infinitely easier to sit up and finish that mystery novel when your mattress raises up behind you. Most models also offer features like a Zero-G setting, which makes it feel like you're floating on a cloud.

The Health Benefits of an Adjustable Bed are Clear

Having an adjustable bed can help provide many health benefits, but it's also nice that they're comfortable, too. It wasn't too long ago that buying an adjustable bed would cost an arm and three legs. Thankfully, they are much more affordable today.

Not sure which one to get? Talk with the sleep experts at Mattress Warehouse. They will listen to your individual needs and let you know which adjustable bed is right for you. Drop by your local store today, or speak to one of our chat agents online, and start sleeping better tomorrow.