Breakfast-Proof Your Bed

October 6, 2022 · Morgan Jackson
Pancakes in bed

Who doesn’t love breakfast in bed? After all, we associate it with some of life’s greatest moments: anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or Valentine’s Day. However, just like life, breakfast in bed can get messy sometimes. That’s why we’re here to show you how to breakfast-proof your bed!

Photo of person eating oatmeal in bed with a book


Everyone wants to receive breakfast in bed, but few of us want to be responsible for making it. Even fewer want to be in charge of cleaning up! Does the thought of runny eggs and sticky syrup make you cringe? Don’t let the mess discourage you, we have solutions to help you put together a clean and easy breakfast in bed.

How to Protect Your Mattress: A Mattress Protector

Have you ever asked yourself how to protect your mattress from stains? A mattress protector, also known as a mattress cover, is the answer! Did the dog try to snag some of mom’s pancakes and knock over her orange juice in the process? That’s exactly where the mattress protector comes in!

Not to be confused with a mattress topper (which adds an extra layer of comfort to your mattress) a mattress protector is made out of material designed to shield your mattress from moisture, stains, and even allergens. Most mattress protectors cover the top and sides of the mattress but some also cover the bottom.

Mattress protectors that cover your entire mattress are called encasement protectors, while protectors that only cover the top and sides are called fitted protectors. Fitted protectors are the most popular type of protector on the market, but the more coverage, the better! Mattress protectors also go a little further: they can help protect your manufacturer’s warranty, because stained or torn bedding will void your warranty. This is also true for pillow protectors, designed to keep your pillows fresh and clean from spills and night sweats.

Coffee and Croissants in Bed


Now that we’ve discussed how to keep breakfast in bed easy and clean, let's talk about how to make it fancier! While the recipe you choose is an important factor (Taste of Home has some great ones), the ambience needs just as much attention to detail. Turn on a calming playlist (like this breakfast in bed playlist from Spotify), and take breakfast in bed to the next level (literally) with an adjustable base!

What is an Adjustable Base for a Mattress?

An adjustable mattress base is a motorized foundation that rests under your mattress and gives you the ability to raise and/or lower your head, legs, or both. While adjustable bases themselves can be called a number of different things – an adjustable base, an adjustable mattress base, an adjustable bed, an electric base, etc. these names all refer to the same thing. Adjustable beds are controlled by a remote, either wired or wireless. Being able to sit up in bed without a million pillows propping you up? Sign us up!

If you’re still asking yourself, “is an adjustable base worth it?” it is! The benefits of an adjustable base go far beyond being able to provide support so you can comfortably eat in bed. Adjustable bases also help with back support, they can help you breathe more easily, combat swelling and inflammation, and lessen digestive stress.

Can Any Mattress Be Used with an Adjustable Base?

Most newer mattresses will work with an adjustable base, but some older mattresses – especially ones that are particularly heavy – won’t work with an adjustable base. Remember, the adjustable bed uses motors to lift the mattress and, if it’s too heavy, it won’t work. The best way to find if your mattress will work with an adjustable bed is to find a store near you and speak to one of our team members or talk with one of our online chat agents. We’ve also created the Adjustable Base Guide to answer all your questions and help you choose the right one for you.

Do You Need a Box Spring with an Adjustable Base?

Nope! In fact, an adjustable base won’t work with a box spring. In order for the head and feet to lift, the mattress needs to be able to move with the base. Box springs are not flexible, so they wouldn’t move with the base. In this case, you actually save money by not having to buy box springs.


Our accessories like our mattress protectors and adjustable bases help you keep life clean and comfortable in the bedroom, making it a place where you can enjoy those happier moments. Come visit us in-store or online to get your new breakfast in bed system assembled with our next day delivery and hassle-free setup! Be sure to share your breakfast in bed stories with us on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok)