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The GhostBed Ghost Pillow is the world's most advanced real-time cooling pillow designed for the best experience in cooling comfort. This pillow uses GhostBed’s patent-pending technology and premium materials to make the GhostPillow Gel Memory Foam. This pillow is the perfect choice for all sleeping styles, including back, side, and stomach sleepers.If you're looking for the ultimate in comfort and cooling, choose this pillow today.

•Experience instant cooling, all night long – GhostPillow features a gel memory foam core and Ghost Ice cover for maximum cooling, on both sides.
•Alleviate aches and pains – The pillow's ergonomic design supports your head and keeps your spine aligned, reducing neck strain and pain.
•Stay fluffed – The pure gel memory foam core prevents collapsing overnight, while the plush outside maintains its shape without requiring constant fluffing.
•Individually molded and aerated for continuous airflow – Each pillow is uniquely molded and aerated for optimal airflow and breathability throughout the night.
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